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Forever In Our Hearts
by Dj Brown

The unique dimension animals bring to our lives dates back to the beginning of time. Pets help us heal, bring smiles to the most stoic of faces, and help us find or maintain a playful approach to life. Our pets have a place in our lives which transcends the human level of communication. They have a way of igniting in us our most innocent animal self, and connecting to the unspoken language of the universe.

Often, animals come into our lives the way many other blessings do, quietly and unassumingly. They find a place of their own by watching and listening. Pets are a means of balancing the scales when life seems so stressful. And, they come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Some are with us for years and some pass by our path and only visit for a little while. No matter the duration of time, the animals we share that special connection with live long in our memories and forever in our hearts.

I shared one of those forever encounters one summer afternoon when a pair of tiny black eyes captured me in a few moments of time which changed my life in a sweet and gentle way. Robin sat on a branch in the olive tree on the crest of a hill. She sat so still and relaxed, yet intent in invitation for me to come closer. Every fiber of my being was tugging me to come her way and so I answered her call slowly with care. Reaching the tree I stood inches from Robin. I lifted my hand to match her level and without trepidation, she stepped onto my finger. And then, there we were together joined Robin-to-human in touch and reaching out to further open to the other's message.

That day, I found a new meaning to gentle acceptance. I learned a new way of stepping lightly. Robin was a gifted teacher and gave freely to me. She extended her invitation in trust, and lit the way for me to further expand my trusting spirit. Robin sat so easy in my hand. Now, I am more able to ease in a gentle invitation to others, and invite them into my world.

The universe became a brighter place that day. My spirit soars high with Robin each time she flies to me in memory. A sweet way to experience a new way was born on that summer day; those ticking increments of moments which live long in my memories and forever in my heart.              

A mystical curiosity about nature and the ability to paint pictures with words gives this gifted writer, public speaker and artist the ability to serve and share with those she walks her journey with. Dj Brown earned a degree in metaphysical ministry and counseling. She was born a sensitive to spirits and finds her abilities enhanced by her spirit guides and earthly teachers. Dj describes her life goal as one of further developing the tapestry of her spirit to reflect the compassionate, loving Source of her being.

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