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Love on a Furry Face
by Douglas De Long

When I was presented with the opportunity to write an article on the theme of 'Pets', I was somewhat perplexed at first. What could I say about a pet cat or a pet dog? Should I recall fond memories of a loving pet dog from my childhood or should I take a more spiritual bent about it all: perhaps, cover the healing potential of pets? Should I discuss the death of a pet and what happens when it leaves this earthly world?

As I began writing the article on this very popular subject, the concept came together. Why not cover all of it?

Many of you are fully aware that we are eternal souls living within a physical body, experiencing all the trials and all the joys associated with the earthly plane. This is equally true for pets such as dogs or cats, and yes, even Vietnamese potbelly pigs! But let us keep to the more traditional pets, shall we? This makes it simpler to discuss.

The soul of a beloved pet will leave its physical form at the time of death, hover above the body and then head up to the Heavens or Heavenly Fields above. Gifted individuals who can see the auras or energy around people and animals may perceive a beautiful light leave the animal's body and float just slightly above at this time of transition.

After years of love and devotion, how many of us have had to put 'Sam' or 'Fluffy' down? The visit to the 'vet' at the animal hospital can be one of the most painful events we can experience. A dog is not just a dog and a cat is not just a cat. It is a living creature; a comforting, loving and unique being which is part of a divine plan. (As an avid gardener who becomes annoyed at the special deposit left by cats in my yard, I always have to remind myself of this!)

Your beloved dog you cherished as a child will be there for you in the Heavenly Fields when you leave this earthly plane of existence. When you are back in this beautiful place after you pass over, you will enjoy all the wonders of that higher plane including some of the wonderful things you had while on earth. All of your loved ones and special friends will be there for you. This is especially true in regards to your pets. After all, a dog or cat has a soul too which is eternal.

In Buddhism, there is a belief that a soul can inhabit any living thing. In other words, a human soul can pass over and then return into the physical form of an animal. A departed relative may return to the earthly plane and exist within a dog or a cat. This is a belief which should be respected.

My personal beliefs are somewhat different. It is my understanding a human soul is a human soul. When you reincarnate onto the earthly plane your immortal soul enters into the physical body of a baby. Essentially, a human soul is always a human soul and this eternal soul cannot enter into the physical form of an animal.

I still have found memories of my pet dog named Bambi. She was a small dog who brought great joy and companionship to me when I was young. Bambi had the gift of taking away my sadness and making me happy. I suppose this is a form of healing. When she died I was heartbroken. Every once in awhile I will think of her antics fondly and feel a warm sensation within.

I know that when I leave this earthly existence, my pet dog Bambi will be there for me in the Heavenly Fields above. Just because someone or something has left us on the physical plane does not mean we will never see them again.

So, always keep your thoughts and memories within your heart. Know one day you will see your beloved pets. There is a divine plan. We were blessed in having the love and companionship of a special animal for a brief time on this planet. We will be able to experience that time again when it is our turn to return to the Heavens above.

Just now as I wrote this last paragraph, I saw visions of Bambi running through the fields once more. Our memories can be one of the most wonderful gifts we can have. Enjoy your pets and cherish your special memories.

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Douglas De Long is an international author on the subjects of spirituality, psychic development and ancient healing. His current works: Ancient Teachings for Beginners and Ancient Healing Techniques, are both published by Llewellyn Worldwide. He is a medical intuitive, past life therapist, and spiritual teacher. Douglas, along with his wife Carol operates the De Long Ancient Mystery School near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The website is www.douglasdelong.com

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