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Ball Pythons: History, Natural History, Care, and Breeding
Pythons of the World Volume II

David G. Barker and Tracy M. Barker

David and Tracy are very well known within the world of Ball Pythons just as this book is becoming equally well known.

David told me they wanted to create a book which was not on the market… one they themselves have looked for, wished for in the past but could never find.

When I first received this book it was over 2 hours before I could tear my eyes away. I just couldn't get my nose out of this book! My eyes are saturated with images, my brain was drinking in information on topics I knew very little of, or I had never known to ask about. Of course I also found information on things I already knew, as I have 5 Ball Pythons, 2 Boas, 4 Corn Snakes and a King Snake. That said, I'm not entirely new to this hobby but considering the decades of information being shared by the authors… I definitely consider myself a newbie!

Okay so let me be a little more specific with you. Here are three of my many "likes" about this book. I really like the way they photographed the same morph of Ball Python from different breeders/lineages. This way people can actually see, side by side the differences between them. There's also a picture of a healthy stool which, in my opinion, is so important. Many of us may think we know what a healthy stool looks like simply because we've look at our snakes poop so many times… but once you see a picture it confirms (or denies) that for us.

And lastly I like the way they describe the do's and don'ts of disposing of a dead snake. I've never even given it a moments thought about what to do with a dead snake (although I have read the book 101 Things To Do with a Dead Cat) and through humour they share the "don'ts" as well as the correct way to dispose, ship, save and preserve a dead snake.

Of course this book covers basic husbandry issues: housing, temperatures, feeding, humidity… shedding, diseases, parasites… genetics, breeding, incubation of eggs and subsequent hatching…

All in all this deeply informative book is over 300 pages and 10" x 12" you can only imagine how much is shared within the pages. If you are already passionate about these snakes then this book will not disappoint you. If you know very little about them and want to learn more (perhaps before deciding to bring one into your home…) this book will greatly assist you to understand them and their needs better. I know this book will be well used over the years in our home. My hubby and I are already picking it up every chance we get, showing it off to our friends and assisting others to embrace the possibility of owning a Ball Python of their own.

Great job David and Tracy, the Ball Python community is already salivating at the thought of Volume III.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

A few comments from members of the Ball Python community:

"Pythons of the World, Vol 2 takes an in depth look at Ball Pythons and provides insight into the behavior, care, breeding, and overall health of these awesome animals. It should prove to be a valuable resource for beginners and experts alike."

-Brad D'Amico

"VPI's Python's of the World, Volume II is an absolute necessity for the ball python enthusiast and any avid herper. It includes the science behind the animal, many in depth photos, and an up to date list of the current morphs available on the market. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning just a bit more about the pets they own."

-Heather Wong
Heather's Herps

"Pythons of the World Volume II: Ball Pythons is the most comprehensive work done on p. regius to date. It is a must have for everyone working with these animals, from the professional breeder to the every day hobbyist. Thank you Dave and Tracy for giving us this gift!"

-Adam Wysocki
8 Ball Pythons

"In a word, outstanding!"

-Kara L. Glasgow
NERD, Inc.

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