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Volume 5 Issue 3 ISSN# 1708-3265
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About The Cover
Agnes Bataclan

Bataclania! - An introduction to the work of Agnes Bataclan by Jonathan Rosen

Agnes' passion for photography started at an early age and since then has developed into a unique and defined style. By pushing boundaries with her radical ideas, Agnes Bataclan became a fresh talent in the fashion business. Always striving for original and creative ways to provoke the viewers and provide them with an interesting perspective on the fashion world; dark, mysterious and daring are some of the words used to describe her art.

In her images Agnes portrays different aspects of beauty in a dark, yet modern way. Melancholic landscapes and worn down facades are just some of what is offered in Agnes' visually stimulating portfolio. Alternative and popular fashion and Asian cultures are to a large extent inspirational to her work, often using an unusual mix of fashion styles, extreme make-up, and gothic settings as foundation. The characters in her photos are very vivid and often androgynous, which seems to be a reoccurring theme. Moving greatly beyond conventional means, her work appeals to a wide range of individuals and is especially popular among subcultures.

Agnes on Reflection: "Reflection is about how people compare themselves to others and look for similarities and differences. What we are trying to find in others is our own reflection. Generally, I think that we all reach out for things which are very illusive, but we want to believe they are there and confirm them for ourselves. A good example is being able to really know someone. We want to entertain the thought that someone else is the same as us because it makes us feel more comfortable. In Reflection I want to question whether we are destined to be alone and if we are able to know other people enough to be able to identify ourselves with them. Of course, I want to put this concept in the context of my own style, therefore the picture takes a more "subcultural" direction. Apart from the thought behind the photo I also wanted to convey an atmosphere of strangeness and melancholy. I have always had a fascination for things of odd and strange nature as well as excessive artificiality, and I think it shows a lot in my work."

Agnes Bataclan works in all fields of fashion/beauty, advertisement and catalogues, as well as photo retouching. Currently she resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

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