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Trataka and Brahmari
by Aisah

Trataka is the art of gazing - it means 'to look' or 'to gaze'. There are 2 ways to do it, inwards or outwards. Inwards gazing is where you hold a mental form and focus on it - mentally with your eyes closed. The outwards Trataka has several styles, like gazing upon a yantra (symbol), a chakra point, the Sun, the Moon, the Star - I prefer candle gazing.

I light a candle, place it at arms-length away and eye level. Seated upright, cross-legged and comfortable, I gaze into the blue flame, closest to the wick, for this is the part which flickers the least. I stare at it until my eyes become watery and I close them for a few moments, holding the image of the flame in my 3rd eye. Then I repeat the gaze once again, closing my eyes when they get too watery or strained. During the gaze, try to refrain from blinking your eyes.

This practice truly benefits the eyes, for the eyes are the window to the soul. It improves your mental focus and memory, calms the mind, induces a peaceful state of the mind and prepares you for a better sleep.

The following is adapted from my Master's KRYOGA Foundation course manual:

"When the vision distraction is stopped, the mind becomes quiet, like a still lake without a ripple. You gain many physical and mental powers as you practice Trataka. It improves will power, memory, concentration, swiftness and sharpness. Fearlessness and great confidence is improved. It helps to relieve depression, anxiety, and nervous tensions. It helps to keep your eyes bright and clear. It is an excellent practise to relieve one from insomnia and mental tensions."

Note: Do this technique after asana, pranayama, eye exercises and before meditation. You can just do Trataka alone, especially at night before sleep.

When meditating with a candle in front of you, as my Master said, it helps to absorb your negative energy. Measure the length of your candle before and after meditation (not just Trataka). If it shortens faster than normal, your negative energies have been sucked away.

I also practice the Brahmari. Brahmari is simply the sound of a bee humming. Seated upright, keeping the mouth closed at all times but the throat and back of the mouth relaxed. This breathing is done with your ears closed so use your index fingers to shut your ear - this is also a withdrawal practise, Pratyahara, withdrawing of the hearing sense. Inhaling through the nostrils, and as you exhale, make a humming sound, like that of a bee buzzing. The focus point should be in the centre of the brain. Imagine you draw a straight line from the centre of the eyebrows towards the back of the skull and another straight line from the crown of the head downwards, the meeting point of these 2 lines should be your focus point, the pineal gland.

I do this 10 times after which I release my ears and spend a few moments in silence. Brahmari calms the mind. Feel the after effect of the vibrations in the brain region. It releases worries, negative thoughts and it is also said to help during birthing. It is very good for those who are stressed as it helps to induce serenity in the mind.

IMPORTANT: It is advised to learn this technique directly from your teacher. Once you learn, it is easy to perform on your own.

Aisah has over 10 years of experience teaching yoga. Since the tender age of 16, Aisah aspired to be a yoga teacher. Her dream to be a teacher materialized at the age of 23 years old. She first studied Kryoga yoga by Master Sri Srinivas Suresh Kamal. And later attended Kripalu in the U.S.A. followed by a visit to Australia where she experienced Vinyasa yoga under the guidance of Pattabhi Jois.

Upon returning to Singapore, Aisah underwent strict yoga training by Master Kamal for several years.

Since 1997, Aisah has been extending her love and knowledge of yoga to thousands of yoga practitioners in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong through numerous organizations, including major fitness centres, the Singapore Sports Council and major corporations such as the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation and Apple.

She also works regularly with Master Kamal in conducting yoga workshops and courses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and in Mainland China.

Aisah has appeared regularly on Channel News Asia - both live interviews and yoga recordings. She did a series of yoga slots for an Australian TV production and has done several roadshows and live demonstrations at major bookstores in Singapore, Borders and Kinokuniya. She has also graced numerous lifestyle publications.

Currently Aisah is spreading her love of yoga to the people in Kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok. However this will not be her final stop for her love of yoga and spreading of yoga universally is ever-growing.

You can contact Aisah via email or visit her webpage at www.kryogaworld.com

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