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Meditate A Moment
featuring: Aleesha Stephenson

Grounding ourselves whenever we meditate is so important. It assists us to stay connected while we travel to other dimensions within our mind, or other worlds. When we meditate and are not grounded, we feel light-headed and have a hard time as our mind will often wander rather than opening to the meditation. Then when we are finished meditating it can be hard to walk or even finish a sentence! So please remember to ground yourself before beginning any meditation.

Let's begin.

Take three deep cleansing breaths, in ease and exhale all the dis-ease of your day. Now for our second breath, IN-spiration and releasing any tension in your body and one more… IN-spiration and exhale any residual negativity.

Visualize a star in a nearby galaxy; this is the Heaven Star. A beam of light is coming out of the Heaven Star, feel yourself begin to draw this energy down, through the galaxy, towards Earth. Down through our atmosphere and down down down towards your crown chakra (top of your head). This light moves very slowly into your head, past your eyes, your cheeks, your jaw and into your neck. Then vertebra by vertebra it moves down your spine towards the base of your spine (1st chakra).

As this energy touches the base of your spine you feel it change. Roots begin to develop and weave their way down your legs, past your knees, slowly pushing their way down your calves and into your ankles. You feel them filling your feet and gently reaching out of the soles of your feet and pushing their way into the ground beneath you.

Deep into the Earth they glide, down down down until the roots touch the Earth Star. Winding themselves around the Earth Star they meld with this Star and begin to feed. The energy of the Earth Star pulsates up the roots, up up up through the ground until you feel it entering your feet.

Your roots continue to draw this wonderful grounding energy up, feeding on it, feeling its weight as you begin to feel ever more connected to the Earth.

Allow the deep connection your are feeling with the Earth Star energy and the light connection you are experiencing with the Heaven Star energy to connect within your heart chakra. Feel them mixing and melding together.

Visualize yourself in a field of flowers. Lie down in the grass and look up to the bright blue sky above you. Smell the scent of the earth as you allow your body to melt into even deeper relaxation.

As you lay on the ground, completely and totally relaxed - looking up at the sky you begin to notice the sky is changing colour. It is turning the most beautiful bright red colour. The ground becomes red, your body is red… you feel the red air as you deeply inhale it into your lungs and - holding for the count of 3 - gently exhale… allowing all the air to empty from your lungs. Laying in the red feeling it envelop your being you feel safe, secure and deeply connected to the Earth.

Breathing and relaxing even deeper you look back at the sky as you see it beginning to change to a vibrant orange. Orange is taking over the landscape, it's taking over your being. You are orange. You smell orange, you feel the warmth of orange as you take in a deep orange breath. Hold this breath in your lungs for a count of 3 before you gently allow it to leave your body. This wonderfully emotional experience brings thoughts of family and loved ones into your mind and you gently acknowledge them and bring your focus back to orange.

As the orange moves through your veins and you can taste it within your mouth you notice the sky is once again changing… this time to a beautiful yellow. Experience the yellow, feel the yellow as it transforms your surroundings. Yellow is glowing, bright and electric. Feel your fingers and toes tingle at the touch of this yellow light. Know this yellow is bringing you to a deeper sense of knowing. Your intuition is growing stronger as you breathe in this yellow into your lungs and you feel it touching all your internal organs. Yellow is fully encompassing your soul. Breathe in the yellow. Hold it within your lungs for a count of 3 and then release it. See the yellow breath leaving your mouth and swirling around in front of you.

Now the sky begins to darken into an earthy green. Notice how the smell of the flowers change as they are touched by the green. You too are changing… the electricity of the yellow is replaced with a centred feeling of calm. You feel your body repairing itself. You sense the changes deep within your body, as your breath becomes more relaxed and rhythmic. Close your eyes and hold one of those breaths - allow it to penetrate into your lungs, touching every cell in your lungs, healing any areas which are in need. After 3 seconds blow out the residue. Release it from your body and know a profound healing has taken place in this moment. Take in another breath, holding it as well - and when you release it, you feel an even more intense sense of healing. Finally you choose to take in one more green breath… deeper than the last two and holding for a full 5 seconds—your body is now in a state of greater health.

Open your eyes as the sky takes on a beautiful aqua-marine colour. The compassion you feel for your Self and others is almost overwhelming. A sense of empathy and understanding washes over you as you forgive your Self for all you have done in the past and present. In this moment you realize you have done what you needed to and accepting this reality you choose to create a more joyful day for your Self today. Your skin is aqua-marine, your hair and eyes are aqua-marine… you are glowing! Breathe in and feel your heart expanding with forgiveness and love. Hold your breath for 3 seconds and then release it into the world so it can touch others and assist them to feel the same sense of joy you are feeling in this moment.

The sky begins to once again transform. Back to the crystal blue it was on the most beautifully sunny days of your childhood. You feel a connection with every one and every thing on the planet. Thoughts begin to float into your mind as your communicative energy touches the flowers around you. They are talking to you and expressing their appreciation for the clear blue sky around you. Breathe in and feel this connection intensify. Hold your breath for 3 seconds and then gently release it… knowing you are more connected to your surroundings than you have ever been. Feel the blue.

Darkness begins to fall on the field of flowers and the sky turns to a deep indigo. A pressure is felt in your forehead as your third-eye opens and looks around. All of a sudden you can see the fairies and sprites dancing around you - they are celebrating you being there in their midst. Taking a breath in you feel your third eye open even wider. Hold this breath before releasing it as the fairies jump over you and around you, laughing and joy-filled in their movements. The indigo is intoxicating.

As the sky turns even darker you notice it's not black but a rich shade of purple. Like a heavy blanket it surrounds you. You feel safe, warm and nurtured. This is perfection - this feeling - you could lay here breathing in this purple forever but it's time to return to your day.

Thank the Fairies and Sprites for joining you and thank them for their enthusiasm. You feel different as you rise up from the ground - your chakras balanced and clear you begin to walk back into your day.

When you are ready, simply open your eyes, knowing your are a cherished child of the God/Goddess and your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional self is balanced and lighter.


Aleesha Stephenson is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine.

A Reiki Master Teacher, who lives her Buddhist, Shamanic, with many eclectic Pagan beliefs, she home-schools two of her three spiritually enlightened children as her eldest has graduated and moved on to the school of life. Friend (and mother) to them all, she is also a life-partner to her husband David. Her life truly is filled with light.

Author of the "Pathways Series," a series of workbooks created for 28 consecutive nights of spellwork for Magi's Magick Spells. Aleesha teaches classes in Tarot, Meditation and Reiki. For more information, please contact Aleesha via email, visit her personal web page or her blog - Aleesha's Raw Life - the journey of her new Raw Vegan experience and continued weight release and health increase!

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