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ECOlogical Calendar 2008
A New Way to Experience Time

Chris Hardman
ISBN#: 987-0-7649-3979-2

The ECOlogical Calendar is not just any calendar - it is a true work of art, which has been created and designed by Chris Hardman, founder and artistic director of the Antenna Theater.

I have placed the calendar on my kitchen wall where we gather as a family each morning. We look at it, talk about it, and learn from this calendar each day. It is the perfect teaching tool for children and adults alike. It has more information than a classroom textbook and would be a wonderful teaching tool for every homeschooler. Teachers could proudly display it in their classrooms.

Each of the 4 12"x16" panels, one for each season, beautifully displays the star charts, visible planets, star and constellations, the ratio of daylight to darkness, solar events, planetary conjunctions, meteorological and terrestrial phenomena, tide charts, ECOlogical day names, Georgian days, dates and months, and modes for each season. All that is just on the front of the panel. The back side is just as informative, enlightening us about the plants and animals shown and how they respond to that panel/season. This calendar is so packed full of information, teaching us everything that is occurring or will be occurring on our planet during any particular season.

This is something I will proudly display in my home each year while I am on this journey called life. In my opinion… there's a reason they call it the ECOlogical calendar, You can see for yourself and order your copy today!

Reviewed by
Melissa Gilbert

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