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Volume 5 Issue 3 ISSN# 1708-3265
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Meditation for Beginners
Stephanie Clement, Ph.D.
ISBN#: 13:978-0-7387-0203-2
ISBN#: 10:0-7387-0203-X

This is a great little handbook for those who are just delving into meditation.

The book explains the benefits of meditation, as well as different techniques to help you quiet your mind and begin to meditate. There are several different explanations of different postures and methods of opening your body and mind to explore meditation within.

I found "Meditation for Beginners" was helpful in developing awareness with a broad spectrum of techniques to meet individual needs. For instance the book does not suggest a "one type suits all" attitude but rather, describes many different kinds of meditation such as Kundalini, walking, dream and tarot meditations to name a few.

Stephanie Clement has written this book very clearly with simple and easy to understand ideas and practices. It seems to me she really cares about the reader, at the beginning of the book there is a paragraph encouraging readers to write to her with questions, or comments about the book and how it has affected you.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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