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Volume 5 Issue 3 ISSN# 1708-3265
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How To Uncover Your Past Lives
Ted Andrews
ISBN#: 13:978-0-7387-0813-3
ISBN#: 10:0-7387-0813-5

Many times in my life I've met people who it feels I've known forever even though I've just met them, or been in a place I've felt I've been before: the topic of past lives is a very curious and vastly popular subject. "How to Uncover Your Past Lives" is a short book considering the immense subject it covers. The book is 180 pages long but includes a vast variety of different exercises to help discover the lives you've lived.

Ted Andrews begins by explaining reincarnation and the principle reasons it is beneficial to uncover your past lives. He also explains the importance of karma in reincarnation and how it affects your present life.

To receive the true benefit of this book the reader really has to have a lot of time to devote to the activities described within. It's not a one-time-read revelation sort of book. With such an immense goal as uncovering past lives it makes sense that it would take a lot of work. Ted Andrews describes various techniques to help uncover past lives in the book such as dowsing, self-hypnosis, meditation, creative writing and past-life therapy to name a few.

All in all I found this book to be a useful tool in beginning to understand past-lives but, that it was just the tip of the iceberg. I felt it would have been more helpful if there had been more extensive coverage.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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