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Wyrd Lynx

with John Sacelli

Mirrors should reflect a little before throwing back images.
~Jean Cocteau

When I was a kid, every amusement park had a Fun House which included a Hall of Mirrors. Every mirror was bent or twisted in some way, so that when you looked into it, you saw a distorted image of yourself. But you also saw this image reflected from a mirror behind you with a doubly-distorted image, and in this image, you saw a still-more bizarre reflection of the mirror before reflecting the mirror behind reflecting the mirror before reflecting the mirror behind, and on into infinity. That last image I can barely make out - it doesn't look like me; it doesn't look human; funny it's got the same colour coat I'm wearing.

That's who we are to each other. We are each other in a hall of mirrors. And man, do some of those 'you- are-me's' ever look bizarre. That couldn't be me! That mote in my eye, that tiny, twisted speck of temporal imperfection out there in the distance staining the pure white light of eternity! I never voted for this President! I never raped anybody! You can't blame global warming on me leaving the living room lights on at night! It's not my fault my mother fed me tuna salad sandwiches and left behind strip mines for the tin cans and wiped out 90% of the large fish in the oceans!

Nope, I'm innocent, and the ills of this world are your fault. You are one dumb bozo! (Unless you look almost like me, in which case there's hope for you).

And don't talk to me about relationships! I gave you my heart and you wanted my soul - remember?! I thought you were my perfect twin-soul, just me in the other sex, until you - aaah! betrayed my trust in you by being - different! If you'd just done it my way, on my schedule, it all would have worked out. It's just that flaw in your character - in your mirror - that keeps you from seeing how perfect things would be if they were never any different than me!

Or would I get - very bored?

So - when we leave our Christian or Jewish heritage, so stained with hypocrisy and imperfection, to find peace in the religions of Buddhism or Science - only to discover these temples also rife with dissent, discontent, competition and ideological assassination - well, there's always the movies. Whether it's Batman against the Riddler or God against Satan or Democracy against Terrorists or Capitalism against Communism - well, I'm right, cause you're just an imperfect me.

Mirrors should reflect - a little - before throwing back I Mages.

While experiencing a series of Shamanic Visions in the early 1980's, John Sacelli met his totem Lynx (links) who introduced him to a series of inter-dimensional, alternative and past life adventures, and also to 'Angelish, the Original Language'. Angelish is the basis for the angeLynx Oracle deck, which John has developed along with visionary artist Chris Deschaine. John has conducted workshops in Polarity Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage, Soul Circles, The Dreamtime and Shamanism across North America.

To learn more about the Vows of El, or Angelish, the Original Language, or the angeLynx Oracle Deck, go to www.angeLynx.com or www.johnsacelli.com. For an angeLynx or Star Logic reading, contact John via email or call: 773 761 0252.

Be sure to read the review of AngeLynx in our May 2006 Issue.

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