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About the Cover
Laura Brennan Rice

About the Artist

As a child, I was constantly using my hands to make things. As I grew older, my parents were pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to look at an object and draw, or sculpt almost anything which caught my attention. Occasionally this was with crayon on our dining room wall!

My second grade art teacher took me under her wing and I will never forget the things I learned from her, or her crazy wild hair that always smelled like roses.

My mother is an amazing painter, as is my grandfather on my father's side. There is a long standing family debate on who I inherited my talents from. I like to believe I got genes from both sides, but it is still a mystery who I got the "leftie" gift from.

Today, I enjoy working with a wide variety of styles in a diverse range of mediums. I find inspiration everywhere, and I'm never sure what my next itch will be or how I will scratch it. I have done several projects for different charities, as well as custom pieces ranging from pet portraits, to tattoo designs.

Phoenix Muse is in honour of my close friend Aimy. She is an example of beauty and grace, and has overcome obstacles which would have grounded most. This is how I see her, and this the closest I could come to capturing who she is to me. I tried to relay the transparency that we sometimes see as a wall as a reminder that you can always see your way through.

If you would like to commission my services for custom work please contact me via email.

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