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Being Mindful
The Impermanence Lesson By Two Special Souls

by Janet Alston Jackson

When people come and go in our lives, we realize that one's presence is impermanent. So, we try to hold onto those who mean the most in our lives, fearing they will slip away. However, we can't hold onto what was loaned to us from the universe, including our children.

One of the great Buddha lessons is, everything is impermanent. This 2,000 year-old concept is known as Anicca in Buddhism, according to which, impermanence is an undeniable and inescapable fact of human existence from which nothing that belongs to this earth can escape.

This teaching declares there are five processes which no human being has control and which none can ever change. These five processes are namely; the process of growing old, not falling sick, dying, decay of things that are perishable and the passing away of that which is liable to pass.

So how do we deal with impermanence to release our suffering? It's the clinging, not the impermanence of people and things which cause our heartaches. When we allow anything to go free, especially our thoughts, we can find inner peace. This letting go allows us to view life through our greater, spiritual Self. We can then see we are always evolving and growing. Often what was placed in our life for a limited time was only there to help us step up one more ring on life's ladder.

Two wonderful people I had to release recently were Magi Frost, the editor of Timeless Spirit, and Peter Kollack, the co-founder of a meditation group I attend. Both needless to say, were incredibly special people. I knew Magi through working with her as she edited my husband's book, "Sporting the Right Attitude." Peter I saw briefly at group. Both were incredible warm, gentle Spirits who touched me deeply.

When Magi passed, I scoured my emails wanting to re-read them to hold onto her a little longer. Out of the dozens she sent me, I managed to find only two that I hadn't erased which read: "Bright Blessings Janet, By the way - I would like to tell you that I really am enjoying working with you so far. Hope you are feeling the same way, down there in sunny warm Los Angeles! Our nights are frigid here, but the neat news is that we have had our first moose visitors of the year, in the backyard yesterday evening. A cow moose and her large calf. One of our winter wonders up here in the frigid north country. Rainer has a crib-feeder set up for them and puts out hay especially for their pleasure. Looking forward to chapter four… Blessed be, Magi." and the other: "Bright Blessings Janet, Here is chapter 10, edited for your pleasure. Looking forward to seeing the next one. Blessed be, Magi."

She had this special way of writing—I felt she was winking and smiling at me, especially when she wrote about her beautiful surroundings. I felt her sadness when she informed me her dear husband was ill and she was worried. However, no matter what she wrote, I could always feel love pouring out from her emails just like in our brief phone conversations, although there were only two. There was no distance between us despite we lived countries apart. Magi in British Columbia, Canada, and me in Los Angeles, California. Love knows no time or space.

The one thing I most remember about Peter was his warm smile. He seemed to talk to everyone through it. He made me feel so welcome to the group when I first attended. Every week, Peter's welcoming smile and gentle spirit helped me to feel comfortable in the group where everyone else knew one another.

The last time I saw Peter, he introduced me to his new bride. His grin was especially radiant. They were so adorable together. I felt happy and joyful for them—just talking to Peter who could not stop smiling proudly as he held his wife's hand. I can still see Peter today chatting through that smile, which was so infectious. I could not help smiling back.

And so, two special people in my life have left just two months apart, reminding me to be fully present and enjoy each moment with those who are in my life. And so, I release Magi and Peter's bodies, which were impermanent, but their love and their smiles on my heart will be everlasting.

Janet Alston Jackson is the author of "A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love," winner of the USA Book News Award for Christian Inspiration. Janet is a behavioural and personal growth consultant. She often teams with her husband Walter Jackson (author of "Sporting the Right Attitude"), facilitating effective communications trainings for better personal and professional relationships. The couple have been guests on numerous radio talk shows around the country, and have made appearances on public television. Visit their websites: Sporting the Right Attitude and JanetAJackson.com.

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