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Bellicon Rebounders

A brand new Bellicon rebounder (from www.qibounding.com) arrived at my home a few months ago. When I first began bouncing on it I was thrilled at how easy it was to jump on. I have owned several different kinds of rebounders - some I considered at the time to be quality products and honestly the Bellicon does not compare to any of them. The quality of this rebounder is so high, it far surpasses any rebounder I've ever bounced on.

Sadly my very first rebounder was from a sporting goods store. You can get a comparable rebounder at any chain store, prices ranging from $29 - $90. These are very unstable and can be scary to jump on. You bottom out, the legs fold in on you while you are jumping, making them very dangerous to use. These rebounders are really hard on your back, knees, and ankles - not to mention that they are not doing your joints any good either. These low quality rebounders give rebounding a bad wrap.

My second rebounder was a Needak, it was much better than the less expensive rebounders, but it was very noisy. Constructed of springs with a very thin mat, these mats can tear and break over time. It too seemed very unstable and I did not feel very safe jumping on this rebounder. It took me a long time to gain my balance, and I was not confident using this rebounder. It bottomed out as I jumped. The Needak Rebounders range in price from $200-250. Although the Needak was a better quality rebounder than my first one, I really must advise you to save your money.

Jumping on my new Bellicon is easy. When it arrived I simply screwed in the legs and began jumping. The legs are really solid making it the most stable rebounder I have ever jumped on. It sits high enough off the ground making it impossible to bottom out. This rebounder does not move at all while I jump on it. The first day I jumped for just a few minutes several times during the day and by the end of the day I had reestablished my balance, it was amazing! Because of it's bungee construction, the bounce is soft and not at all harsh on any part of my body. My favourite feature of this rebounder is that it is quiet, there are no springs on this rebounder, I can bounce and no one in the house knows what I am up to. I jumped in my living room with my Hippie sleeping on couch, he had no idea and slept through the whole thing. This rebounder costs a lot more money than the less expensive ones, but I am here to tell you it is well worth the money. It is an investment in YOU and your well being. I love my new Bellicon and it will be with me for the rest of my journey on this planet.

My whole family jumps on the Bellicon, even my three year old. I feel totally comfortable when he uses this piece of equipment. (Supervised of course) When you order your Bellicon you have to give your weight and height (of you or the heaviest and tallest person who will use it) as the Bellicon is made for YOU! Making it the best jump you will ever experience.

I had not been jumping for 8 months, and I could tell that my body was weakening. I could feel my core muscles rebuilding within the first 4 days, and the muscles in my back and legs are feeling the workout as well. I am so grateful for this piece of equipment, as I do not have the time or money to spend going to the gym, I am thrilled at being able to stay home and get a great workout using the Bellicon.

If you are considering purchasing a rebounder, don't waste your time or money on another rebounder, treat yourself to quality, get a Bellicon. You will not be sorry.

Reviewed by
Melissa Gilbert

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