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Try It On Everything
The Revolution Starts Within


I just watched and tapped my way through this wonderfully life-changing DVD. Wow, viewing this documentary was like getting a glimpse into a secret that everyone else knows and once you hear it you realize your entire life can change!

This documentary is a journey into the world of EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. Ten people came together for four days to heal different aspects of their lives. Some came to heal grief, others came to be released from the 'prison' of their addiction (and so much more).

I've personally experienced EFT twice in my life. Both times were transformational for me so when I was given the opportunity to view this DVD I was already a believer in this modality of healing. I did not, however realize just how versatile this is!

You can use it on anything, anywhere. It's a valuable asset to use with children since this is when many of our blockages begin. If they've had a difficult day, tap it away!

Every single person on this planet will benefit from watching this documentary and then following their lead to tap yourself to a clearer, healthier, more connected YOU. So buy your copy today!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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