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Mirabai Ceiba

This music literally sweeps you away into a place where stress and struggle no longer exist. Angelika's voice is mystical - it sounds like the Wind would sound if she had a 'human' voice.

I love to stretch out on the floor on my yoga mat and listen to this CD while I do my morning yoga. The sun shining in the window and Angelika's voice transport me out of my living room and gently lay me in a field of flowers on a mountainside - where the cares of the world melt away as I turn inward.

Markus brings in the perfect supporting vocals while playing the guitar, and Angelika also plays the harp. Here's the bio from their website:

Mirabai Ceiba is a musical project created by Angelika Baumbach from Mexico (vocal and harp) and Markus Sieber from Germany (vocal and guitar). They perform a compilation of original songs in Spanish and English as well as newly arranged chants from different traditions of the world and Gurmukhi Mantras. The name Mirabai Ceiba expresses the influences of both India and Native Latin America. The Ceiba is the sacred tree of Latin America, where these trees are never cut but are allowed to grow very tall. "We wish our music could be like that kind of tree, with roots deep in the Mother Earth and branches extending wide into Father Sky. Mirabai is for us the wandering, the devotion, the inspiration in all the different aspects of divinity."

You can experience a sample of this CD here - and be sure to purchase a copy for yourself while you are there. This truly has become a personal favourite of mine.

namaste' *head bowed in respect*

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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