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Taking it Light-Rising Above it All
by Julie Hoyle

Do Earth-Angels exist? I'm raising this question because at least four times in my life I have found myself interacting with people, young teens in particular, who radiate this 'other-worldly' quality. They just feel different.

For example, I once taught a fourteen-year-old schoolboy whose name was Lincoln. He appeared one day in a class of Year 10 students at a school in New Providence, the capital island of the Bahamas where I was teaching Visual Arts.

Lincoln had a tiny build and a round, open pixie face. Barely reaching four foot two, his bright sparkling eyes and generous smile filled the room.

However, it was his state that would arrive ahead of him, crossing the threshold before he appeared physically. The force of his presence was unmistakable and it would shake me out of my head and throw me into stillness.

Suddenly appearing and grinning from ear to ear, he would hang his head to one side, look into me in a way that was unnerving and inquire,

"Hi, Mrs. Hoyle, how you doing?

How's everything?"

The way he said those simple words would always floor me. Whatever had been jangling my nerves would dramatically fall away and I would find myself instantly pulled into my heart and lifted up into an elevated perspective.

After teaching him for a few weeks, I began to realize what that special-something-about Lincoln was. Born with a severe form of sickle cell anemia, he would have bouts of illness that anchored him to the bed, leaving him wrung out and depleted.

Living with a constant reminder of how loosely tethered he was to the world, Lincoln floated through life with ease and gentleness. As a consequence, he carried the imprint of 'something other.'

One foot was squarely set in this world. The other seemed to be anchored somewhere high up, way off in the angelic realms.

With that balance and equilibrium, it was evident that Lincoln had made his peace. He would enthusiastically express gratitude for even the simplest thing and he would share whatever he had with anyone who asked.

On one occasion he snapped his new pencil in two. When I asked why, he told me, "Joseph doesn't have a pencil so I'm giving him a piece of mine."

He was also a favourite lunchtime companion. Invariably, Lincoln would break whatever he was eating into small pieces and share it with those students who had nothing much to eat.

Knowing his next bout of illness could be the end of him Lincoln was also freed from taking himself too seriously. Needless to say, he was a joy to be around.

Everyone who knew him loved spending time in his company. Even a short interaction with Lincoln would leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

A few months after graduating Lincoln died. Yet, more than fifteen years later, his presence is often with me.

When I start to feel stressed or begin taking myself too seriously, I hear him laughing and wisely saying,

"Don't get stressed, Mrs. Hoyle. Remember take it light.

Rise above it all. Take it light. You have to take it light, because you never know when it will be all over."

How about you?

Have you met an Earth Angel?

And if you have, what was his or her gift-message to you?

Julie is a natural intuitive, writer, artist and transpersonal hypnotherapist who lives on Grand Bahama Island. Her profound spiritual awakening and the unfolding of unity consciousness is detailed in her book, 'An Awakened Life - A Journey of Transformation'. To claim a free copy and for information about online courses, soul purpose readings and energy retrieval go to: www.truealignment.org

You can also connect with Julie via:

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