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Cherishing the Earth
with Toria Betson

Deep in my yard, there's a special tree, which helps me ground and centre myself. I go to it whenever I start feeling spacey or 'out there' or just need to get my feet planted firmly on the ground.

Grounding is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. It is a way to plug in and connect to the earth's energy. I use it in order to tap into the Universal, to assist me in connecting with a client when I do readings and journeys. It allows me to receive information from my spirit guides. I ground to let go of my ego, to become one with that which doesn't judge, with "all that is".

If you have ever gotten light-headed or dizzy while doing any kind of healing, magical or spiritual work, chances are good, you weren't grounded. Instead of using your own energy, or taking in energy and keeping it inside of you to stagnate, grounding keeps the energy flowing through you. Think of your body as a kind of lightning rod, which directs and grounds energy.

I do the following exercise at least once a week; it not only feels terrific, but also is very healing.

Find a tree which calls to you. Ask the tree's permission to stand with it, and then lean with your back against it. Feel yourself become one with the tree. Take a couple of slow deep breaths. Close your eyes. Imagine your legs and feet continuing down into the earth, becoming 'roots'.

Just as water and nutrients are drawn up the 'roots' into the trunk of a tree, begin to feel the life forces flowing up through your feet, legs, into your body, through your arms and out of your head and hands.

As you are feeling this energy flowing up, through and out of you, feel energy coming into you, from above. Like sun shining onto leaves, feel the power coming in your crown (top of your head), down your body, through your legs and into the ground. Feel yourself radiating light.

Your feet have become one with the ground and your head is connected with the sky. Feel the energy moving through you. Flowing up from the earth and down from the sky - through you. Remember to thank the tree for it's assistance.

When I ground with a tree, I physically feel a kind of vibration or buzzing. I feel clear and centered, as though everything has been put back into perspective. Sometimes when I open my eyes again, I can see the undulating auras of the forest.

Try to recreate this feeling without the tree, whenever you need to balance yourself or even just to connect with the earth. Remember to always keep the energy flowing. Before long you'll find you can quickly ground in a crowded mall or even while surrounded by screaming children!

Spiritual growth requires balance and a solid foundation. Keeping grounded provides us with both.

Toria lives and learns in the woods with her children and husband of fifteen years. She loves to garden and cook the organic vegetables and herbs she grows. Toria is a Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Empath, and Reiki II practitioner. She assists clients through tarot readings and shamanic journeys at her website, Toria's Tarot or you may contact her by email.

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