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Grounding: Assistance for your Chakras
by Donna Doherty

Let's combine the use of Crystals and Gemstones gifted to us by our nurturing Mother Earth to balance and ground our Chakras. After all, everything on this planet was designed and orchestrated for our nurturing and enlightenment.

Crystals and Gemstones respond to the electricity coursing through our bodies; and if this energy is sluggish, the constant electrical vibration of the stones will help to ground, harmonize, balance, and stimulate these energies.

Firstly we want to make sure the crystals and stones you have chosen to assist you are clear and bright themselves; that they are holding no negative vibrations. There are a number of ways you can do this: place them in a bed of sea salt, wash them in the ocean, place them in a river or stream, hold them under running tap water, or leave them outside in the moonlight.

Hmmm… maybe we should try these on 'our bodies' as well, if it does such a good job on our crystals why not give ourselves this same treat - as this connection with Nature has the capability of cleansing and clearing unhealthy vibrations.

After you have completed the cleansing of yourself and your crystals you are ready to address the Chakra system. The whole system is kept healthy by each chakra working independently on a specific area, and then integrating to support the whole system.

We are now working with 'eight' main chakras within our bodies.

As our understanding grows and we evolve our body has assisted us by opening and activating another chakra located in the thymus area. This newly awakened chakra is calling us into honouring and nurturing the god/goddess we are becoming.

As we continue to open more fully to the loving energy of our hearts, we are given the capability through our magnificent bodies to apply this nurturing love to ourselves. This is the gift of the Thymus Chakra. When we learn to fully love and respect ourselves we can speak our truths, without fear.

Now, make yourself comfortable, sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground, your hands laid loosely in your lap holding your stone(s) and/or crystal(s). If you choose instead to lay yourself down, place your stone(s) and/or crystal(s) on each chakra.

First we will begin by relaxing and taking a couple of deep breaths, visualizing a white beam of light coming from the heavens and down into the crown of your head, running down through your spine and out through the soles of your feet, anchoring your body deep in the centre of the earth. Ask your crystals and stones to assist you in holding the highest intent possible to balance and harmonize all of the fields of your chakra system.

Focus on your first chakra - your root chakra: inhale, allowing this breath to become red… exhale your red breath and inhale red again, holding it for a moment and allowing it to turn orange… as you exhale this orange energy, move your focus to your second chakra.

Now with your focus on your second chakra - your sacral chakra, slowly inhale orange… and now, exhale orange - inhale orange again and allow it to turn to yellow. Exhale your yellow breath as you move your focus up to the third chakra.

Now continue focusing on the third chakra - your power chakra. Inhale a deep yellow breath, hold it for a moment and then exhale. Inhale yellow again, hold it and allow it to turn to green. Exhale your green breath and shift your focus up to your fourth chakra.

Focus on your fourth chakra - your heart chakra. Inhale a beautiful deep green… now exhale this green breath, and again inhale green and allow it to gently turn aqua in colour. As you exhale aqua, allow your focus to move a few inches upward to your thymus chakra.

Now bring your complete focus to your eighth chakra - your thymus chakra. (When numbering the charkas - this new awakened chakra has been called your eighth chakra rather than renaming your already activated chakras.) Your thymus chakra brings in greater compassion and self-love. Gently inhale the softness of aqua… then exhale aqua, and immediately afterwards deeply inhale aqua again; holding it briefly and allowing it to turn to pale blue.

Exhale this pale blue energy as you move to your fifth chakra - your throat chakra. Continue to focus on your fifth chakra. Inhale this soft, pale blue deep within your lungs and then exhale blue. Inhale blue again and allow it to slowly turn to indigo. Exhale this deep indigo energy as you change your focus upwards to your third eye.

Focus on your sixth chakra - your third eye; inhaling this deep indigo and then exhaling again. Inhale indigo light again and allow it to gently turn violet. Exhale this pale violet energy as you move your focus to your crown.

Focus on your seventh chakra - your crown - while inhaling this pale violet energy. Feel its vibration and then slowly exhale (violet) again. Inhale violet once more, and this time, allow it to move out through your crown, and out into your auric field.

As you exhale this pale violet energy, ask your guides to come to you so you can work with them. Draw them into your auric field.

Ask your guides, in their divine wisdom, to assist you in recognizing and identifying any specific areas, which may require your attention. What is the correct action to take in your life at this time? What is the possible outcome? What do you need to focus on, and what do you need to let go of?

Sit in this loving energy you have called forth and listen; knowing you will hear your truth. When you feel complete, and satisfied with the information or feelings you have received, offer your gratitude for all, which has been so freely shared with you.

Gently open your eyes and feel your body. Notice the changes within as a result of performing this exercise.

Donna Doherty

Donna Doherty's passion is creating; beauty and peace are her rewards. As a Stained Glass Artist of 26 years, a Reiki M/T, and an Aromatherapist, she is able to fulfill her joy of learning, by studying new modalities of healing. Her love of nature is a constant inspiration which is expressed through all she does. Hiking,biking & skiing are some of the activities which energize and thrill her.
You may contact her via email or visit her website today.

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