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Grounding Techniques for Our Animal Companions
by Jean Hofve, DVM

We all know how important it is for us to stay grounded in order to remain mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. Our pets tend to mirror us, so anything we do to keep ourselves more focused and grounded also helps them in the same way.

Animals are natural healers. In their relationship with humans, pets can get into difficulty when they try to help us heal. Our domestic dogs, cats, and horses have made a sacred agreement with the human race to walk with us, teach us, and help us return to our Source. In honouring this agreement, many animals, especially cats, will take on our energetic imbalances and sometimes even take our physical dis-eases into their own bodies, as a way to relieve us of these problems. To help prevent them from taking on too much, say to them often, "The best way to for you to help me be happy and healthy is for you to stay happy and healthy!" They will respond to this assurance and limit how much they take on.

However, our animal companions may need a little extra assistance to stay grounded. There are several easy methods to accomplish this.

Flower Essences

There are a many essences from a wide variety of essence lines, which are excellent for helping animals (as well as people) stay grounded. Some of these, and their sources, include:

  • Aspen: This remedy is traditionally considered useful for 'vague fears'. Yet the Aspen tree also teaches groundedness, rootedness, and a sense of community, all essential to keep ourselves out of fear. Aspens propagate by sending out runners from their vast root systems, creating groves of 'clones' from one parent tree. Aspen essence enables the animal to reach deep within to find their source of community and security.

  • Canyon Dudleya: This remedy helps bring 'order' to the soul and encourages keeping a grounded presence in everyday life. It helps to be 'present without drama,' which is a helpful concept for many of our companion animals. Canyon Dudleya brings inner peace and quiet spiritual evolution.

  • Cat's Claw: This remedy holds a powerful grounding, connecting, and protecting energy. It is very helpful for both cats and dogs.

  • Kinnickinnick: This remedy is also known as bearberry and uva ursi. It is a low-growing plant of woodlands, and has many uses as a medicinal herb. As one of the Rocky Mountain essences, it aids in keeping a steady head on one's shoulders. Its keynotes are groundedness and building a solid foundation. It also helps hold the Sacred Space.

  • Pink Seaweed: This is ideal to help stay grounded during times of change. Pink Seaweed is a tide pool algae. Its structure is stiffened with large amounts of calcium, yet it moves gracefully with the tides, allowing itself to be washed to and fro, yet never losing its connection with the Earth. Its essence allows the experience of change to be met with grace and joy.
  • Hands-On Treatments

    Reiki and other hands-on treatments, including massage, can be very helpful not only for healing but also for dealing with emotional and mental issues. They can easily be adapted to aid in grounding for your pets. A most effective method is to work the body and its energy fields in conjunction with visualization - feel as well as see those 'roots' growing from the paws into the ground.


    Working with visualization can also assist your pet to remain grounded. Use an image of your pet (hand drawn or photograph), or just watch your resting pet. Visualize light descending from above into their head, moving as a column through their body, and spreading downward, like roots, deep into the earth from their feet. The light can be golden, green, or white. Finish by surrounding your animal with a bubble of protecting white light (or whatever colour light symbolizes protection best for you).

    Exercise and Play

    Working the physical body is, of course, the most effective method of grounding. Dogs need regular exercise such as walking, agility work, or just fetching a ball. Cats are a little tougher to exercise since most don't much care for the Stairmaster, but daily play sessions are wonderful for a cat's physical, mental, and emotional health. "Play therapy," a specific method of play, engages the cat's hunter instincts, and satisfies them in a very deep way. Visit this page for a brief introduction to the most effective play therapy techniques. Many cats (and dogs) also enjoy meditating with their guardians; so include a grounding visualization if your cat joins you in your quiet time.


    The Meridian Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which we discussed in the last issue, is a great way to centre and ground animals. Just working with the meridians to balance the animal's energy can improve its sense of groundedness. Balanced energy is, almost by definition, grounded energy.

    Some of the set-up phrases you might use if you feel your animal companion has lost its groundedness or its sense of safety might be:

    "Even though Fluffy seems to feel disconnected…"
    "Even though Max is acting as though he feels uprooted…"
    "Even though Sadie is having a difficult time with this transition…"

    When you work with EFT in 15 or 20-minute sessions, you'll discover after the first few rounds (in which you might be feeling a little awkward and have trouble coming up with new set-ups), your intuition will start to suggest phrases or ideas you'll want to incorporate in your next few rounds.

    Of course, don't forget the value in keeping yourself grounded. The more grounded you are the more you help your pets, since their energetic patterns are linked to yours!

    Dr. Jean Hofve has been a holistic veterinarian for more than 9 years. She founded SpiritEssence in 1995, which remains the only line of essence formulas for animals created by a veterinarian. Dr. Hofve does health, nutrition, and behavior consultations through www.littlebigcat.com.

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