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Marriah Secrist

Nay does a dark cloud hang desperately over my families shining sun.

Nay does a black cat cross our path as we enter onto the platform, and into the streaming rays of excitement and hope.

Bid thee farewell to desperation and fear, as we sing with our hearts and gesture to the wizened and new trees just growing.

We, the light, give encouragement to the new growth, to listen to the whispering wind that sends the message of life to the roots - the core, and most important part of our family.

Remember, oh shining hope, giver of light - that we of the givers will not fail with our message, and that these old and new trees will carry our newly given rays forever, and will wizen more, and will never give out the final made achievement, to the unlucky half.

Dedicated to Drama:

The one place I felt I could truly express myself and my joy for true art.

Marriah Secrist (c) 2003

Marriah is the eldest daughter in a large, loving family. She is 13, an honour student, an award-winning storyteller, singer, and poetess. She is currently interested in making movies which represent specific political views, in a way which entertains as well as enlightens.


What do I See?

Bill Angell

When I look into the many hues and shades of green
enhanced with tones of gray and brown sprinkled round
what do I see in that special part of me
that feels the throb of life when my feet touch soft ground?

As I gaze into the changing shades of blue
decorated softly with cottony white shards of feathery cloud
what do I hear in that special part of me
that breathes sweet air to freshen a heart that beats proud?

When I walk into the green and blue tones
and feel the water's comforting embrace
what do I feel that brings such joy
deep within that very special place?

When I revel at the beauty and love of the Sun's
life giving fire reflected from the loving face of the Moon
what do I know in that deep mystical place
that generates pure love as I recline in nature's commune?

I see a beauty and grace possible only of the Great Creator,
hear sounds of love that could be made by no other
and feel the love of my dear Goddess
that I know to be my Mother.

angel (c) July 1997

Angel is a Faery Witch, poet, priest and shaman dedicated to protecting all creations of the Goddess. Retired and widowed, Angel devotes his time to writing, helping any in need and enjoying his grandson. Some of his varied writing styles can be perused on his two primary websites: www.billangell.com/ www.geocities.com/Paris/Arc/3860/




through the hourglass
only as Spirit wills:
or absolutely still.


Counselor and Poet of Deep and Mythic Pathways, Dev has studied, explored, and experienced shamanic and spiritual traditions from Celtic to Native American, journeying the Matrix of Light since birth. She is a Healing Touch Shaman, Dimensional Mystic, and has a book of Celtic poems published, called Myst-taken Identity.


Jennifer Monaghan

she sits on the lawn
knees raised to chest
limp hair almost hiding
the delicate features of
her face
she stares ahead, eyes
half-deadened by madness
and medication
for a moment they sparkle,
flicker with recognition
and i know she sees
things i cannot
she begins to rock back
and forth excitedly
and her intoxicated
laughter fills the air

what are you laughing at? i ask
it's funny, she responds,
and i know better than
to ask 'what' and yet
i cannot help but wonder

without warning
as quickly as it came
to life her laughter dies
and is replaced by tears
her body shudders
as she wails and weeps
her voice filled with
i hold her until she is calm
and then she sits once again
knees raised,
staring in silent madness

written by Jennifer Monaghan
copyright 2002

Jennifer is a young writer and poet who has had a passion for the written word since childhood. Jennifer's poetry has been featured in The Prologue, an annual publication of the University of WI, River Falls, Body Mind Spirit Magazine and here at TSM. In addition to writing, Jennifer is currently pursuing pre-veterinary studies.




to my friends,
to my sisters,
to my brothers,
we are one and the same,
deep down inside.
the spirit that moves us
and that spirit that flows through us.
be never alone
for you are not alone.
that spirit that is us
is one and all.
it is time to let down your defenses,
to flow from your injured heart.
and say, the son, the daughter
and the source are one.
we are all in union
in this lonely world.
it is the separation
between us,
that makes it so lonely
be it known
that you are loved.
for I love you
as much as i love myself.
be it known that
you are very needed.
and never shall you be
unworthy to me.
let it be that you are special
for everyone to know,
and forever to see
you are one as I am.
such is the love of the spirit
such is the love of the creator
such is the love of our selves
for our brothers and sisters and children.
be never alone,
for you are never alone
we are with you.
you, me, angels and guides.
but most of all, your own divine spirit.
saying, whispering…
feel the love of eternity
flowing from me to you
how else can it be?


Holmes is 28 years old, a tarot reader and channel.
This poem is a channel of love to a friend.


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