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Our Reiki Conversation
Featuring: Tira Brandon-Evans
Magi Frost
Aleesha Stephenson
Seva Kourzis
Karen van Rijn (Kaz)

Aleesha:I had some questions asked of me recently, which prompted me to consider aspects of Reiki to which I hadn't given true in-depth thought. I had briefly pondered them, but not delved too deeply.

I decided to contact my Reiki Grandmother, Tira Brandon-Evans - my Reiki Mother, Magi Frost - and two of my Reiki Daughters, Seva Kourzis and Karen van Rijn (Kaz) to get their views. We are all Master/Teachers (M/T) of Dr. Usui's "Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki". Our lineage flows from Master/Teacher Hawaya Takata through Master/Teacher Phyllis Lee Furumoto.

Now we have our ancestry out of the way let's get to the point.

I asked some questions and sent them out via email to gather everyone's answers and opinions. I want to share these conversations with you because many of you don't even know one Reiki M/T; and here you get to hear the wisdom of five!

So grab a cup of your favourite warm beverage and settle down for a bit of long read.

Q: Do you believe Reiki can be used for negativity?

Kaz: I don't believe Reiki can be used for negativity. Reiki is universal love. If this can be negative, I would like to know. Nothing is positive or negative; rather it is our perception, which is positive or negative.

Tira: I do not think Reiki can ever be used for negativity. Even if someone is in a very negative space, if they are channelling Reiki it can only be for good. I believe this because Reiki is a pure light energy - light and love - and thus can never be negative.

On the other hand, sometimes we may perceive the effect as negative. If we have preconceptions or expectations regarding what effect Reiki will have, then we may feel the effect was not as positive as we had expected.

Also, I have on occasion had bad effects from sending Reiki at a distance, because there was no exchange. Things seem to get a bit unbalanced then. I prefer to have people perform a "random act of kindness" whenever I send them a Reiki session to bring the exchange into balance. Also, I only send healing when it seems really important to do so.

Magi: Yes, I believe energy can be used for "ill". If I may share with you a part of my Wiccan history, in the time when I was 15 - 17 years of age, (and aware of my considerable power) I believed in revenge, and did not hesitate to take it. In my time I have caused broken legs and broken dreams and worse. I am fully aware of the power of thought - and so I believe I come from a position of 'informed choice' now; and so I have chosen, as best I can, to do only good.

I am not saying I never have a vengeful thought any more, (that would be lying), but I have found by giving the problem to The Goddess and stepping back in detachment, She always handles the problem in ways so much better than I ever could.

Consider this - if you have the power to effect so-called 'miracles of healing' by using your Reiki; then are not your negative thoughts as full of power as your healing wishes? I believe so.

Seva: No, nah, no way, *shaking head* uh uh, no, no and no! How can it be used for negativity when it has an intelligence of its own? It is not up to the practitioner. If they intend to send Reiki, then Reiki will be sent. This is not to say if they want to send negativity without the Reiki, it won't happen, because I think it can, so if the channeller wants to do negative things with Reiki, in my opinion it just won't happen. The receiver will not get the negativity via Reiki. When you sent the negativity Magi, you weren't sending Reiki.

Magi: You are quite right Seva. Back in those days I had never even heard of Reiki.

Aleesha: I agree Reiki is light and has a will of it's own. We don't instruct Reiki what to do, what to fix, or how to heal; it does what is needed. If a lesson needs to be learned, Reiki may assist in the teaching, as Reiki is more than just healing, it's a way of living. The principles of Reiki show us how to live our life in harmony with others, all living things.

Q: Do you agree with online free Reiki attunements?
First, second degree - or perhaps to the Master/Teacher level?

Kaz: I believe in other forms of exchange other than money, whatever the level of Reiki. I don't believe in free online attunements - but I also don't believe it would harm the receiver in a physical way. What could happen is some karma for the sender and maybe also for the receiver. I say to each their own. If somebody thinks this is the way to get their Reiki attunements, who am I to judge? For me it's in the category of "Reiki for Dummies" and "McReiki".

Tira: McReiki!!!!! I love it!!!! Can I get fries with that?

Kaz: *sounding like an advertisement* Yea, you can order online, it's the best ever deal, cuz its all FREE! And you know what? To actually have the faintest clue what you are getting yourself into, for the minimal sum of 20 bucks we will include the "Reiki for Dummies" manual… so you have a recipe to go by (including ALL the sacred symbols!!!). Call within the next 10 minutes and receive not one but two attunements for the price of ONE! www.McReiki.com

*laughing* Sheesh, I think I have found my new business opportunity, My goodness, these kinda things really do exist!

Tira: Wow! And it's FREE?!?!?! What a deal!!! I am thinking we get what we pay for, eh?

Pay nothing - get nothing.

I wonder what is in it for the Reiki 'attuners' who do this for free.

Continuing with the question… I feel attunements should not be free, never free. If you do attunements completely free with no exchange of energy this creates an imbalance and the result is not good. It harms you and it harms the person you attune.

The exchange has to be a valuable exchange. So if someone wants to give you something you don't want - it is not of value to you, even if it is something they value very highly.

The thing is this. Time is not money. Time is time and money is money. You can trade money for extra time to do things you want to do - i.e. you could buy a dishwasher so you can have more time to read instead of doing dishes.

We all have the same amount of time in any day as everyone else on earth. No matter how rich someone is they cannot add a single second of time to their 24-hour day.

So, when you do attunements for free you are spending your time. Doing this once in a while won't hurt. But what happens when people start to depend on you? When people forget you did them a favour and start to think you are obliged to continue?

Many times we forget to be grateful for the things we get for free. We fail to appreciate gifts and start to think we deserve special treatment. Giving people free attunements causes them to think Reiki is worthless.

Just my opinion and I don't expect anyone else to agree with me. I am well known for hair-brained opinions.

Magi: Speaking about the attunements I give, in my humble opinion, the first and second levels (attunements) are great stepping-stones for anyone. BUT, when it comes to the M/T level, I get really particular.

In my belief, the process of attuning a person to the M/T level involves such a deep commitment of my soul to theirs that for me, personally, I have serious doubts about my willingness to involve myself sooooooo deeply in another's life.

If I cannot truly feel or know the person exhibits not only the spirit of the Reiki Principles, but also the serious and necessary quality of detachment; then why on earth would I want to assist them to become a M/T? They may be a rescuer! Am I being judgemental? Yes, you better believe it!

For me, the M/T attunement involves 'taking on' the karma of the student. Goddess knows I have enough trouble keeping my own karma slate clean and clear, without randomly adding 'Joe Anybody's' karma to mine.

The most enormous honour given me by my Reiki M/T Tira Brandon-Evans, in agreeing to our exchange and attune me to M/T level, was, I feel, as great a gift as, say, giving another person one of your kidneys, with the understanding you would continue to accept the toxins it filters from THEIR blood.

The huge responsibility I feel to Tira for being prepared to so honour me, is with me on a moment-to-moment basis; as I perceive any karma I build directly affects her.

Am I taking the whole thing waaaaaay toooo seriously? Maybe. But I am the one who has to live with my integrity, and so I take full responsibility for the ramifications of Tira's gift, and the obligation I feel it entails. As I see it, if I were to ever dishonour another, or myself, it would directly affect Tira. In my eyes, this would be a grievous sin, breaking the rede "an it harm none".

Although many have asked me to take them through to the M/T level, I have chosen to create only one Reiki M/T. If I never make another, (and I doubt I ever shall), I feel I have served The Goddess's purpose in this life by attuning Aleesha. I have fully accepted my obligation to her on a lifetime basis; and never for one moment have I regretted doing so. In fact, I consider this act one of my proudest achievements.

Whether any of you believe as I do, is of no concern to me - I honour your choices as being perfect for you.

Aleesha:I love your analogy about the kidney, well said Magi! I agree there is a huge responsibility from teacher to teacher and this is why I love our particular vein here. We all choose to keep 'in touch' with each other and we choose to teach from our experiences, learning and sharing with each other in a wonderful symbiotic flow!

Tira: Oh, goodness!

Now Magi I know you are sincere but am still completely floored. I am honoured you see things this way. The way I see it is this. When the Goddess sends me someone to attune to M/T level, or any level - it is because she wants things done that way. If She inspires me to pass along a Reiki attunement, I do. If She doesn't, I don't.

I was and am honoured to have attuned you Magi, from first degree to M/T level. I am always honoured to be your friend and sister because you are one of the most completely honest people I have ever met - and one of the most love-filled. So, you honoured me by accepting the attunements from me.

I too did harm with my thoughts, and my tongue, in my younger days. And still do say and do thoughtless and hurtful things today in careless moments. We all do this.

In my very humble opinion - I think if we put any thought on Reiki, whether positive or negative, it is no longer Reiki. Then it is our own will channelling energy for good or ill. Reiki is light. We can focus it. But we can't make it 'dark' anymore than I can make a sunbeam dark. I can interrupt a sunbeam by standing in the way. But I can't bend it to my will. All I can do is shut it off.

So, I don't think Reiki can be used for harm because, if you really think about it, it can't be used for good either. It is something that is always itself. Reiki is like the Tao. Looked for it cannot be seen. Listened for it cannot be heard. Reached for it cannot be touched. The vessel is not the potter. We may hold the Reiki and allow it to flow but we are just vessels.

Aleesha: When we invoke our symbols we ask for the recipients 'greatest good'. Attaching our own outcome on Reiki is inappropriate… asking for the person's greatest good to be achieved is all we can do, as we are only a vessel.

Seva: Personally I don't agree with free online Reiki attunements… as I feel the bond between Reiki M/T and student is important, and I feel with a 'free online Reiki attunement' the bond is not made. However, there are people who don't want the bond… so I guess it would be ideal for them to receive an attunement this way. I am not going to say my opinion/belief is for all. Everybody has their own path and their own choices so if they want to get an attunement via the net, so be it. It is there and it is happening, and it suits some people whilst it won't suit others. It is a big sway away from the original Reiki teaching methods, but then they didn't have the net then either; these are different times.

My understanding is the bond between M/T and student is vital to the student's growth. Weekly meetings were a part of the original method of teaching, though these days it might be a monthly meeting somewhere with other students - but this doesn't always happen either. I think communication with your M/T is another option, which works wonderfully between Aleesha and I but I doubt this would happen with these Internet attunements, however I am surmising with this… I really don't know for sure what the situation truly is with this form of attunement.

Aleesha: I also feel a bond between the M/T and the student is important in most cases. I do many distant attunements to the first and second degree with people who I have met on the net (via internet forums or groups) but I have gotten to know them and more importantly, they have gotten to know me. They know what I'm about and what I teach and then they choose to become my student. I don't think it matters how the bond is created but I do believe the bond is important.

A woman attuned me for my first degree and although I was welcome to be re-attuned (which I did many times) she never offered support unless you were taking a M/T attunement from her. My second-degree teacher was the same. It wasn't until I met Magi and we agreed to bond ourselves together via an attunement to the M/T levels I finally was able to benefit from a teacher-student relationship. Personally, I have found this to be of great benefit. Not only can I continue to learn from her (and Tira) but I also am able to teach them as well. It is a beautiful symbiotic relationship indeed!

I have students who may not choose to have contact with me, but the beauty of our relationship is… if and when they do need me, they only need to call, stop by or email me and I'm there for them. Recently I was contacted by three of my students I hadn't heard from in a long time, but it was wonderful hearing from them and assisting them. They have all gone off to learn their lessons again and enjoy their lives but I'll probably hear from them again, when I am needed. This is something I want from my M/T so this is why I offer it to my students… unconditional teaching. Regardless of where they are in their lives or the circumstances, which prompted them to contact me, I am there to listen and offer advice or support depending on the situation (which they are welcome to listen to or ignore if they wish - asking my thoughts doesn't require them to take my advice). It's a nice way to teach and learn, in my opinion. We all wish to learn and sometimes making the wrong choice is the best choice for us! I know I have done this often on my path and will continue. Learning through adversity is a gift we sometimes require.

Tira: I don't know anything of these sites you speak of Aleesha but find this quite shocking. Are we even sure this is Reiki at all that these sites are teaching?

There is Reiki and there is reiki.

The real Reiki is real and the other is not. How do I know? I have experienced Reiki treatments from people who claim to be a Reiki M/T who simply are not. What they do may be very nice and in no way negative, but 'it ain't oatmeal' -- if you know what I mean. It is not authentic.

Reiki is real and this other thing people call reiki is not.

So, I think that if anyone is offering Reiki attunements for free on-line maybe they are people who don't know themselves what Reiki is. Perhaps they got their attunements for free too.

Magi: I had a first-degree attunement from someone before Tira attuned me. And WOW, I felt such a huge difference with Tira. The first attunement was warm and loving but the power was missing. When I found out Tira was a M/T I liked the way she lived her life and decided to investigate Reiki again. Her attunement inspired me to continue with the higher degrees.

Kaz: I also had an attunement before I chose to have Aleesha attune me. The first attunement I received was hands-on from a M/T here in the Netherlands. Why did I change to another M/T? I think it's important my Reiki M/T is someone I respect and someone I can have a relationship with, because Reiki isn't just about getting an attunement. Reiki is a way of life, and this implies your M/T will be someone who shares part of your (spiritual) growth. With Aleesha I do have this relationship. I am very happy I chose to become one of her students. She is a great teacher; and she has assisted me in every way possible.

I have received all four reiki attunements (to M/T level) and some re-attunements by distance from Aleesha. I can assure you - my experiences of receiving the distant attunements have been even "stronger" than the one I received hands-on.

Q: I wonder if someone could attach something negative to these attunements?

Tira: Not if it was really Reiki. But accepting attunements for free from strangers is unwise. The attunement may not be Reiki at all.

A quick survey of what is being offered free on-line shows me there are dozens of different 'reikis' out there. One site combines Reiki and Native Medicine ways. Another site offers free Reiki attunements when you get a tattoo -- I assume one must attend at the tattoo parlour in person to receive this double joy. There is Kundalini Reiki, Magnetic Reiki, Chaos Magic Reiki, Reiki Massage, Spiral Ascension Reiki, and many other kinds of Reiki offered on-line. There are so many different kinds and I haven't time to list them all.

I am of the Usui Shiki Ryoho. I know it is pure light, pure healing love. In my opinion, people attempting to invent their own reiki are not using the same pure light of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

Some people may prefer the not-reiki to Reiki. That is their choice. I bless their choice and wish them good luck. In my opinion, they are playing Russian roulette with their spiritual life.

I think accepting attunements for free, on-line, from a stranger, is most unwise. You don't know what you are getting or with whom you are dealing. I would not do this in a million years.

Magi: Indeed, the Reiki Tira attuned me with was Usui Ryoho Reiki. I sometimes wonder, though, if it is possible the "Reiki" with which I attuned Aleesha may have been 'influenced' by and through the lens of my specific perception. Certainly it was (and is) my intent to transfer pure Usui Ryoho Reiki in an attunement, but what if the Reiki becomes imbued with my 'witchiness' in the passing through me? Not that I feel this would be a bad thing; but I sometimes wonder…

I have had occasion (seldom, by my choice) to have hands-on Reiki from a couple of other people, (neither of whom were attuned by me) and quite frankly, from one of them I felt gentle, nurturing, loving energy, but not the Reiki I am accustomed to feeling. From the other it was 'Reiki', but only a trickle.

On the other hand, there is a lady locally who is trained in 'healing touch' whose energy feels to me exactly like Reiki. Strong, powerful, instantaneous - I could almost 'see' the beam of light. So, does it come down to the energy/intent/will of the practitioner?

Back to the question… "Could someone attach something negative into a Reiki attunement in this manner?" I believe so. But then, if you don't know and trust the person into whose hands you are putting your soul, how the dickens can you be sure?

I like Tira's analogy of 'playing Russian roulette'… very apt.

Aleesha: I believe we are all teaching Reiki with our own soul attached. If I believe in loving the earth, this will indeed be passed along to my students but I don't think it changes the lineage or intensity of the Reiki.

If I am using the symbols passed down to me, invoking them in the manner I was taught and filling the entire process with integrity and love… then I do not believe we can diminish Dr. Usui's Reiki.

When I attune a student I call Dr. Usui into the attunement to guide me, assist with the process and to "fill in the spaces where I may falter". This is what you taught me Magi, to allow the Goddess and Dr. Usui to be sure of the purity… to stand only as a vessel for them.

So, I don't think our beliefs change the Reiki.

Back to the question at hand: "Can someone attach something negative to a Reiki attunement?" I can honestly answer, I don't know. I wouldn't want to try, as it seems very unsafe. Personally, I don't want to take the chance of being attuned by someone I don't know and haven't had the opportunity to get to know. Do they walk their talk? Do they live their principles? Do they have high integrity in every aspect of their life? How do they deal with anger and vengeance? To me, these are very important things to know about the person who is to become your Reiki M/T; as I believe there is a spiritual bond you are creating which will always be there, throughout your lifetimes. This is not something to be entered into lightly at all.

If you had this connection with someone and they were offering free online attunements, then the situation would be different, because they are not a stranger, and the form of Reiki (or reiki) is not unknown. (Although there would still be the issue of 'exchange'.)

Tira: I have received re-attunements from Aleesha, and this is the same Reiki Gloria, my Reiki Mother, attuned me to. The very same Reiki. So, as I attuned Magi and she attuned Aleesha and then Aleesha re-attuned me; the Reiki has gone in a full circle and it is the same I first received. Which is another reason I don't think Reiki can be bent.

Seva: I believe the Reiki would dissipate the negative attachment. Reiki reiki-ing itself before it arrives at its destination!

I feel the Reiki would do any cleansing required before entering the receiver's body, heart, mind and spirit. *laughing* A bit like a antivirus scan… and especially if the receiver specifies the intention to only receive Reiki. I think therefore, Reiki is constantly self-purifying; otherwise it would be passing on each individual's negativities every time it was passed on. And as Reiki gives an attunement or treatment to the sender during the attunement or treatment process - wouldn't the negativities be dissolved? So I think Reiki is about re-harmonizing itself, the channeller, and the receiver - so no I don't think negativity could be sent with a true Reiki attunement.

I would like to add this is not the way I would go for an attunement. From just anybody out there in cyber space - doesn't feel comfortable or right with me, this is not the way I choose to learn. Each to their own path and if that is the path they choose and it doesn't work as well as they anticipated, then it is still their path and therefore their lesson to learn. I don't want to try the other 'no frills reiki' out there. I like being a part of the Usui lineage and it suits me perfectly!

Magi: Seva, now I can see why Aleesha has chosen you as a sister-of-the-heart. Your clarity and insight are most revealing and delightful.

Personally, I have always felt, in regard to the Reiki M/T level (as well as the fire walking seminars we conduct), there are people out there who are inherently 'sheep' and, like sheep, only feel they have truly attained something if they are 'fleeced'. (Referring to people paying extremely large amounts for a Reiki attunement).

But, as you also suggest, perhaps for some this method of Reiki attunement is appropriate. I agree with your sentiments regarding the close, constant, intimate contact we in this circle of M/Ts share with our immediate attuners. I believe this is the way of Usui Ryoho Reiki; which feels right at a soul-level for me also. To paraphrase Tira… "if it ain't Usui, it ain't oatmeal".

Seva, in case this expression seems strange, it comes from a T.V. commercial we get in Canada; regarding the authenticity of 'instant oatmeal' versus the original slow-cooked kind.

Kaz: What then, is a reiki attunement? I guess that depends what one considers Reiki. I did some google searching and there are many many flavours, it's mind-boggling for me, and I just speak for myself here, I'd like to keep it simple. The original Usui's Reiki fits best with me in that aspect but as said, each to his own. The Reiki I know I believe is not able to transfer negativity in attunements, because Reiki is not of that nature. I haven't got a clue about other sorts of reiki though, I only live this one, and that's good enough for me.

Reiki is a way of life, it's way more than one attunement or two, three or four; and it takes a lifetime to fully experience. What we put in we get out.

Aleesha: Well said Kaz!

Seva: Well let me ask a question. Is it still Reiki if it is negative or is it a manifestation of the sender whose intention is to send negatives out to people? Or perhaps they may even do it unintentionally. But then again, is it still Reiki? I think not.

Doesn't Reiki work with the intention of the sender, but most importantly, the intention to accept from the receiver? Have you ever had a student who has set the date with you for their attunement, and before the actual attunement process, they start having the de-tox? I have seen this happen many times.

I don't like the instant attunement being offered online rather I like going through the process of the attunement so I can savour it, and I like the student to go through this also, so they can savour it and remember it for the special event in their life that it is. As I said before, I am not saying I agree with this instant method but I think it can be done as easy as… in an instant. The sender programs the attunement to go out when the receiver gives their name and email address. So it's not being sent to someone with them specifically in mind, but it is being sent regardless.

Now perhaps I am naive but I do think most of these people (the M/Ts) are working with good intention, albeit it misguided, but I feel they want to get Reiki out there to everyone ASAP, believing every time a person is attuned to Reiki the beneficial effect is felt by all on this earth and maybe even the universe. You know, like the butterfly moving its wings, the ripple effect is felt for a long time after! So maybe that's what's in it for these M/T's. Anyway that's what I reckon is happening with this online attunement M/Ts. Hopefully. But perhaps I am too naive?

Aleesha: I disagree. I don't think "helter-skelter-wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" is the way to enlighten the world. Sitting at home ringing a bell won't give more Angels their wings either *laughing* as there is little enlightenment with the Reiki unless you choose to use it. When you are attuning anyone willing to put in their email addresses, how many of them do you think are even going to do anything with it? It's like the free toy in the cereal box… you play with it for a little bit and it ends up under the couch!

Granted some people feel Reiki for the first time (like me) and are driven to experience more - the spark of that moment changes their life forever - and this can be the case with any form of attunement, any walk of spirituality. We all just hope, for our own sake, we are not following a wolf dressed as a shepherd.

Magi: Yes, Aleesha, the 'free toy' concept has such a ring of truth to it. How blessed we are to have the souls like yourself who take in the Reiki and make it part of their life! You set an example for so many people by truly 'living' your Reiki principles.

On the other hand, Seva, perhaps you are naive, but isn't this beautiful 'childlike sense of wonder' divine? The attitude of gratitude and the effort to see the good in all things is precious. Cherish it. There's plenty of time for you to get old and cynical like me. *laughing*

Imagine snowflakes - each one so individual, so perfect, and yet each is slightly different from the other - no two are ever alike. But every single flake is a miracle. Kinda like the souls touched and enlightened by Reiki.

Seva: Oh I so agree but, and I must add my but here… *laughing* I have met so many people who have Reiki for which they did perform an exchange, in prior years, and have not used it. It seems to have become my path to get them motivated to use it again. So maybe these 'free toy' people might eventually meet a M/T, someone who can teach them on a more personal level at a later date. So free doesn't necessarily mean forgotten and useless - just dormant until the time is right. Like a seed being planted waiting for the light!

After all, the more people there are out there, living the principles, the better this world would be! Hail Aleesha! And my Reiki Grandma, and Reiki Great Grandma, and my Reiki Sister! It brings me such joy to be in wonderful company!

Aleesha: So I close this article with a few more words of my own. It is with pride I share these conversations with you all. As you can see, opinions are different and yet similar. We all have our own beliefs and yet it seems to me, by taking the time, now and again to truly examine them, we are blessed with a better understanding of what it is we truly believe.

This article is not meant to insult any other websites or to insinuate their Reiki is not wonderful and pure, true and authentic. We have not examined them in any detail. Rather this is just a sharing of our beliefs… as naive or ignorant as they may seem to others.

I do hope, however, each one of you will investigate your teachers, regardless of who they are or where you find them. We need to embrace the fabric of their existance, from the way they handle confrontation, to their ability to bless someone with a gift. Get to know all your teachers, see how they 'walk their talk' and make sure their 'talk' resonates with you.

blessed be,
and namaste'

Tira, Magi, Aleesha, Seva and Kaz.

Under Gloria Dorman M/T, Tira Brandon-Evans completed her attunements in Usui Ryoho Reiki to the Master/Teacher level during 1996 in Canada.

Under Tira Brandon-Evans M/T, Magi Frost completed her attunements in Usui Ryoho Reiki to the Master/Teacher level on January 16th, 1997 in Canada.

Under Magi Frost M/T, Aleesha Stephenson completed her attunements in Usui Ryoho Reiki to the Master/Teacher level on July 19th, 1998 in Canada.

Under Aleesha Stephenson M/T, Seva Kourzis completed her attunements in Usui Ryoho Reiki to the Master/Teacher level on March 10th, 2001 in Australia.

Under Aleesha Stephenson M/T, Karen van Rijn (Kaz) completed her attunements in Usui Ryoho Reiki to the Master/Teacher level on July 3rd, 2003 in The Netherlands.

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