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Chakra Chants & Chakra Chants 2
by Jonathan Goldman
ISBN #: 0-97347-71412-7 and #: 0-97347-71482-0

I had the absolute pleasure of reviewing these two CD's together.

Jonathan's first Chakra Chants is a wonderful blend of instruments and vocal harmonics. You are not only having a therapeutic experience connecting with your chakras but the music he has created is wonderful to listen to anytime.

Jonathan's second Chakra Chants is so different from the first as this one has included earth sounds as well. (Wind, fire, rain to name a few.) You feel yourself getting swept up in the music and the connection you feel within yourself is deep and lasting.

I could feel my chakras vibrating as each segment of this CD played. I knew which chakra I was working on all the time because of the resonation within me. But even if you don't feel the same internal hum as I did, Jonathan gently chimes a Tibetan bowl before each selection begins. One chime for each level (e.g. 3 chimes for the 3rd. chakra, 4 chimes for the 4th. etc.)

Beginning with your root chakra and spiralling your way up, it takes just over an hour to work up to your crown. I love listening to this in the tub, which is where I prefer to meditate and journey, but my husband and I have really enjoyed listening to these CDs every night, in bed, allowing ourselves to connect deeply with our energy centres before sleep.

Personally, I feel very strongly about getting in the right space before sleep, since this is where we do most of our 'spiritual work'. So listening to a cleansing, healing selection such as these two CDs has greatly assisted us in our growth.

I found, after approximately 6 weeks of listening to the CDs every single night, (alternating between them night after night) we needed a break. Our chakras were overloaded! But surprisingly after a couple of days - we found the CDs were again resonating strongly with us once more. We find, when we need the 'alignment' and a deeper connection, we are again drawn to the harmonics within these CDs. So allow your intuition to speak to you as to when you need the gentle caress of this wonderful music.

I also began taking these CDs to my workouts, listening to them with my headphones. I love the gentle alignment I get while bringing my body into greater alignment and health physically at the same time!

Of all the CDs I've had the pleasure to review, these are definitely my favourites! I can't tell you which one to buy as I feel both are beautifully done. I'm glad we have both selections because sometimes we feel like we need more of an earth connection and other times we don't!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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