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The Tarot of Dürer
Art by Giacinto Gaudenzi
ISBN #: 0-7387-0245-5

I have really enjoyed playing with this deck. The images are re-created in the style of Albrecht Dürer, a German painter and engraver (1471-1528). Since Dürer enjoyed allegory in the most extreme sense of the word, Giacinto Gaudenzi chose to incorporate it into this deck. Chalices have Doves, Pentacles - Eagle, Wands - Lion and Swords - Fox. I found the animals a bit limiting at times, especially in the suit of wands. The lions were almost overwhelming, whereas the Doves in the suit of cups were subtler.

The meanings within the LWB (little white book) further explain the imagery on each card but a more intuitional reading can easily be done with them as well. Personally, I don't like using the LWBs but this one does have merit, since this deck is very unique.

I found I resonated deeply with the people in these cards. Unlike some decks where all the people look very alike, this deck offers a diverse group of individuals.

I must mention the Fool, he is a silly man with red wavy hair. His back is to you and his head is turned, with his tongue sticking out and his pants pulled down - mooning you! I love this card as it expresses the saucy nature of this deck well!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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