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Looking at Life through Angels' Eyes
by the Angel Ladies, Deborah Vaughan and Jean Porche

Is there anyone whose home doesn't have an angel somewhere? It seems we have only to sniffle before an alert friend gifts us with an angelically themed gift or card. Angels are big business - from home decor to cards and journals to wearing apparel. Dollar stores offer kitschy country-style angels while fine gift shops are filled with angels of crystal and fine porcelain. Although they burst onto the scene back in the late 1980's, angels are still wildly popular.

It would be a mistake, however, to discount angels as simply an unusually long-lasting fad. Those angelic trinkets are simply an expression of a deeper reality, which can change our lives, if we but let it.

While understandings of angels themselves vary, those who recognize their existence agree that angels are spiritual beings of a high order. The traditional understanding of their role is that they serve to protect and guide humans and to bring messages from the Creator. This may sound rather tame, but the effects can be dramatic.

When we give workshops or presentations, we always note that we ought to post a sign at the door: "Warning! Working with angels can alter your life in unexpected ways!" Workshop participants usually laugh politely when we say this. Even when we explain that angels change lives, they do not realize how very different things will be after the angels come into the picture - or perhaps they just don't believe it.

In our experience, people tend not to investigate the angelic world until there is a problem they feel unable to solve or a desire they cannot satisfy. There may be some discord in the home or relationships, the job may be unsatisfying, or health may be poor. Seekers may be unsure of how they may best serve the world. Frequently they begin their search with the hope that they may somehow experience greater union with divinity through these messengers of Love, hoping that angels can help them establish the connection they have been unable to create through their churches and philosophies.

From such a standpoint, people see angels as celestial concierges who merely stand and await our direction, and it is true that angels do serve us in many ways. However, one must never forget that angels have an agenda. We may share their desire for greater service to Love, but our approaches are very different!

Normally, we operate from self or ego. We view the world in terms of the impact circumstances have on us and on our lives. That may sound selfish, but it really isn't. It is simply life as a human being, locked in flesh and seeing the world through the window of personality.

Personality includes all those traits we regard as praiseworthy: charity and gentleness, compassion and generosity, love and kindness and so many more. Because personality springs from within our very selves, however, those traits find limits just as all of our experiences are limited by our humanity. Moreover, they find their expression only within the worldview created through those life experiences.

Angels have no such limits. When we open to their guidance, inevitably our perspective expands as we begin to share just a little of their viewpoint. We can't help looking at people and the world differently because angels see what we cannot.

Seen through the eyes of human personality, people may seem cold, angry or mean. The world may appear to be a dark and unsafe place, filled with warring factions who fight on the side of good or evil. Living becomes a struggle with no certain outcome. From that standpoint, we feel isolated and vulnerable and often fall prey to fear, suspicion, and negative judgement.

But not so for the angels, who exist outside the limits of bodies, time and space. As they look upon each of us, they see beyond the bodies and personalities we wear. They see our spirits. They see our earnest desire to do better, to be better. They see the hurts and fears, which drive us into the place from which we strike out at others. They see the needs, so often unmet, which we hide even from ourselves - the better to avoid the pain of recognition.

And when they share even a portion of their vision with us, a fragment of the insight they have into humanity, we come to a new appreciation of the greater picture.

The angels teach us that our pain, no matter how severe it may be, is shared by others; whose own ache might be greater than even we can comprehend. They remind us - ever so gently - that no matter how another person's actions may appear; we have not walked in their shoes. Angels remind us that we cannot unite to Love without uniting to all that is, for all is one in the One Spirit.

When we work with angels, we begin to understand more deeply that we are far more alike than different, all people wanting to love and be loved, to enjoy safety and sufficiency, to live a healthy life in peace. We begin to see how the distortions of Love which repel us spring not from a basic evil within another person but from the place of vulnerable isolation and fear which makes it possible to view another human as an enemy and to regard the planet as only a resource for exploitation.

Recognizing this, our hearts fill with compassion. We become more alert to others' pain and quicker to respond. We understand and begin to share the divine vision of Francis of Assisi, who saw only brothers and sisters where others saw creatures and stones and stars.

And, as we regard the world through angels' eyes, we - and our relationship to all creation - are forever transformed.

Deborah Vaughan and Jean Porche are also known as the Angel Ladies. They offer angel readings, services, and workshops at the Inner Resource Centre, a spirituality centre they founded in Newmarket Ontario. Their books, Angels Help Us: Discovering Divine Guidance and Psychics and Mediums in Canada (May, 2005) are published by Dundurn Group. Visit their website.

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