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by Charlene

When I initially contemplated the subject VISION, I immediately thought of eyeballs and oddball ocular apparatuses. But after glimpsing the Webster's Dictionary definition of VISION, I had one… A vision, that is!

I find dreams, visions and powerful images from the brain to be absolutely (ahem) eye - opening experiences! Our brains are amazing tools, aren't they? I know personally that since birth I have had an active, imaginative and creative brain. Daydreams for me are constant every day, and often illuminating and insightful. They provide me with a visual metaphor for what is going on around me or within me, as a means of assisting me in understanding and accepting the situation that the daydream represents. Often, to my husband's amusement, I react physically to these daydreams with absurd twitches and spasms! Sometimes I even end up punching the air in front of me, or ducking as though something just flew over my head!

But all in all, I "get" what these visions mean. This is the KEY to unlocking the meaning of your message, whenever you are sent an image from your brain which comes in the form of a vision. What is it that you are being told? What does it mean to YOU? How did it make you FEEL? What stands out to you in this dream, this message, this vision? It always pays to grab a paper and pen and take notes for your lesson!!! When we "come to" after receiving a vision, we often become distracted as our earthly world and spiritual worlds meld together. The earthly world is extremely sensual, and our bodies naturally react to the many distractions around us that speak to our five senses. Many people lose their dreams if they don't take a moment to reflect upon waking. If you're one of those people who often loses what was a meaningful dream, try to keep a pad of paper and a pen on the bedside table or mumble into your cell phone and record your mental adventures!!!! As you write or recall your vision, you'll find that some things you will immediately forget. Don't sweat it! Listen or read your dream during the day and slowly it will come back to you.

My dreams often make no sense whatsoever to others. And they shouldn't, I figure. Who should know my own MIND and me best, but me? Exploding dogs and flaming statues are perfectly NORMAL in my dream world! Being chased, flying over telephone wires and along the freeway over top of cars, or seeing hands come out of walls - these things make perfect sense to me! But this hasn't always been so easy for me to understand. For many years I read book after book of dream interpretations, looking for generic answers to my completely NON-generic dreams… After searching and searching for meaning in mass-produced books filled with pop psychology, I began to appreciate that my mind would not be explained by a one-size-fits-all soft cover book I got on sale at Coles. It was during my college years when I studied more art history, theatre history, psychology and sociology that I started slowly piecing together the symbolism and understanding that my brain speaks metaphorically. Dreams of death, or seeing things dying in my visions, I would rarely share with others for fear they would have me committed. Then I realized my vision was telling me that death itself is representative of an ENDING to a situation or event, which coincided completely with my situations in waking life and I realized my mind needed a powerful way to explain the phrase "THE END" to me. Apparently my brain knows I am somewhat stubborn and am not normally receptive to being told how things really ARE, thus the dramatic production that ensues during my sleep… (ahem)… of course, having an overactive, dramatic imagination this provides me with fantastic nocturnal entertainment, not to mention entertaining my friends in emails with my mesmerizing mental messages !

My sister, when she was pregnant, dreamed of harvests and farms. See the connection? Pregnancy and crop production?!?

My friend dreamed of having sex with her boss who she SWORE she was not attracted to in real life! She was horrified! But when we discussed her boss, it was clear she genuinely respected and admired his capabilities and felt she lacked these qualities. What other way can your mind SHOW you that you wished you could COMBINE her boss's qualities with HERSELF other than through physical copulation? Her mind was merely explaining to her that she was attracted to these characteristics and wished she had them herself. Hence the sex dream… Gawd, does everyone take everything so literally? hahahaha…

Another friend dreams of being chased by aliens from rooftop to rooftop, but feels confident and capable of leaping, landing and staying ahead of them. He says he doesn't feel threatened by them, it's more like a game of hide and seek and being spotted. Chasing is usually indicative of a doubt, fear or unresolved issue that wants to be resolved. It's after you so it can be put to rest. Playing hide and seek could represent not being forthcoming, not wanting to be exposed. I think in this instance he might not want to deal with the issue that's chasing him!

Getting in touch with your Guides, understanding your mind's images and the visions you receive will only enhance your Life's Path. Stay focused on what messages you are being sent. Connect with your inner Self and appreciate the value of these visual teachings. Visions are so valuable and yet are often disregarded or forgotten by most people. They are gifts from our Guides and given to everyone, everyday. Visions have to be the strongest messages we receive from our spiritual world. Some visions have been responsible for life-changing choices, motivating people to suddenly sit up and take action in the physical world. Are you missing your messages? Why is it we make it a point to read our emails yet not our own dreams?

Take a good "look" at your visions and "see" what they mean!


Charlene is 31 and resides with her husband in British Columbia, Canada. She works full-time in the wholesale warehouse industry and in her spare time enjoys surfing the web, posting on weblogs and forums and participating in provocative discussions about sensitive and controversial topics. Her next quest is to invade and conquer more blogs where she will plant her signature flag and post her supportive opinion about homosexual marriages.

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