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Examining "Vision"
by Magi Frost

My dictionary lists the following meanings under the word "vision"

For a Wiccan, the word "vision" has far deeper and richer meaning, because "vision" encompasses such a wide spectrum of skills, abilities, and talents. We "see" in so many ways, with all our senses becoming involved - the paranormal as well as the mundane. MAGI'S MAGICK SPELLS

Let me explain…
There's clairvoyance - seeing with the mind's eye
Clairaudience - hearing with the mind's ear
Clairsentience - knowing without knowing how we know
Psychometry - receiving information from an object

Does all this sound rather wacky? Well, if you're into the paranormal, it isn't "para" anything - it's all very normal. By the way, "para" refers to "extra" or "more than" - and for most of us Wiccans, it's about as normal as having a telephone connected.

I'm sure you've all had some experience with a paranormal "vision" - when the phone rings and you just "know" who is calling (without the benefit of call display).

When the postman delivers a letter (if you still have the luxury of home delivery), or maybe you have to walk or drive to the corner mailbox complex, and you just "know" there's a letter from a certain person, and there it is.

When you see, in a dream, as on a TV screen, an event happening - and then deja-vu, it happens exactly as you "saw" it!

Wouldn't you call all this stuff "visions"? I sure would. Some people might be more inclined to call it "prophecy" - but it all comes down to the same thing… You know something there is supposedly no way you could have known. You have had a "vision".

The Tarot card reader uses the cards as a tool to introduce concepts, which are interpreted as "visions" presented in response to the client's questions.

The Scryer "sees" in a crystal ball, "visions" or pictures - actual or symbolic - of information being revealed. By the way - scrying is not restricted to the traditional crystal ball - one can scry on the side of a toaster or in a glass of water (among other things).

And the casting of a "magick spell" involves the practitioner "seeing" or "visioning" the desired outcome - and then manifesting it into being.

The "Auric reader" actually has a "vision" of the various colours of the etheric body - literally "seeing" the energy.

So the next time you are out in Nature's beautiful world, take the time to really look at a flower or a tree. Let your gaze soften, and you just may find you are having a "vision" of the energy field, which surrounds all living things.

You might just be surprised at how truly expansive your "vision" really is!

The creator of Magi's Magick Spells, Magi is a Wiccan High Priestess Crone, a Celtic Shaman, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Firewalk Instructor, and the first licensed witch in the Province of "Supernatural" British Columbia, Canada.

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