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Tarot of the Origins
Sergio Toppi
ISBN#: 0-7387-0025-8

This deck started speaking to me before I even got it out of it's packaging. I could hear a deep male voice speaking in an ancient voice telling me that a journey was about to begin. I had no idea how true these words were!

I took my new treasure, snuck into my room, closed the door and opened my 'Tarot of the Origins'. I slowly looked at each card, one by one, allowing the enormity and depth of each drawing to imprint itself into my very being. I felt like a magical rite was taking place… I could feel my breath, I was almost hypersensitive as I soaked up these intricate works of art.

After I went through all 78 cards, I began to shuffle the deck. As I did this I read through the meanings that came in the LWB. I liked the short explanations which were given… just enough for direction but not a spoon-fed definition. The cards began to jump out of the deck. I gently placed them into the monolithic circle with a man in the center as recommended in the LWB.

I was not surprised to see the depth and piercing accuracy of the layout. They spoke truth, honesty and with such 'pull back the curtains and see the light' clarity.

Then I picked up the cards and shuffled again, this time allowing the cards to jump out and placing them in my usual layout, the 'tree of life'. Again, no surprise when the accuracy was chilling. The honesty of these cards and a pleasant perk. I love it when a deck doesn't let you bull sh** your way through the reading. Pulling your face up to the mirror and forcing you to look at the truth is refreshing. I love these cards.

Using these cards when true clarity is needed in a situation is a perfect venue for this deck. I would not recommend them to someone who wants to mold cards to read as they wish because these cards don't work in that way.

The images on the cards are a little disturbing when you first look at them, but after a quick read of the LWB, any fear is dissipated and replaced with respect. At first I was afraid the lack of a multitude of colour would be limiting and I was very pleased to find it wasn't. The drawings create the depth which many other decks use colour to achieve.

(Each suit is represented by a colour and have been re-named from Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles to Nature, Blood, Souls and Jewels - the colours of green, red, blue and yellow repectively.)

I love the artwork on these cards. I love the way the faces in this deck are all so varied and different. No two are the same and they all speak something different to the querent.

The recommendation I would like to make to everyone is…

Please take the time to experience this deck. Don't just look at the images and decide some of them are too dark, or the 4 colours are too narrow to give any true depth to your readings. I believe you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was that these are cards are very perceptive and deep… even without all the colours of the rainbow to assist them.

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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