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The Nefertari Tarot
Silvana Alasia
ISBN #: 0-73870-020-7

Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Unfortunately the scans do not even come close to doing this deck justice. Imagine the dull darkish backgrounds as gold so shiny and bright you gotta wear shades! The hot-pressed gold makes the art seem to pop right off the cards and contrasts beautifully with the black of the borders and the white, black, and earthy reds of the hieroglyphic-like illustrations.

The deck indeed, does honour to the queen who inspired it. Called the 'Light of Egypt', Nefertari was the much-loved wife of Ramses II, Pharaoh of the XIX dynasty. This deck was designed to recreate the beauty and symbols of ancient Egypt, which Nefertari so loved.

The scenic Minor Arcana are in the manner of, but do not always follow, the Rider-Waite standard. The use of Egyptian symbols and gods enhance and sometimes replace the typical illustrations. For example, the god of fortune, Bes, works perfectly as the Ace of Pentacles and Ammit, the crocodile-like, devourer of the dead - who pounces upon and eats the heart of those whose hearts weigh more than the feather of Maat - makes an interesting Devil.

The little white booklet, which comes with the deck, gives interpretations, which follow the depictions on the cards, but they are so brief as to be of little use. I found books on Egyptian mythology and symbolism to be very helpful in studying the cards.

While one may be tempted not to use these cards for fear of damaging the bright shiny gold, don't be! I have read with mine many, many times and the gold is still as bright as it was when I first took them out of the box.

Perhaps the artist's intentions to create a deck based on the love and beauty of Nefertari, entered the cards in a somewhat magical way, for I find the deck to be amazingly clear when doing readings on matters of the heart. Nefertari's Tarot is a luxuriously beautiful deck, and clearly a work of love.

Reviewed by,
Toria Betson

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