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The Buckland Romani Tarot: The Gypsy Book of Wisdom
By Raymond Buckland
Art by Lissanne Lake
ISBN #: 1-56718-099-X

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a romantic, and have loved the legends and tales of the Romani, or Gypsies, from the time I was a small child. I had to have this deck and book set!

Raymond Buckland describes himself as a 'half-blood Gypsy' who grew up watching his grandmother read the tarot for herself and others. Buckland's expertise, combined with Lissanne Lake's compelling illustrations, honour the people who helped preserve and spread the art of card reading.

The illustrations are close enough to the Rider-Waite style that readers should have no trouble switching to this deck. They also include many symbols of the Romani; and the flowers, colours and animals are described in the easy-to-read, accompanying full-sized book.

The Major Arcana are numbered to assist in looking up the cards, but remain unnamed so the reader's interpretation does not become biased.

The Minor Arcana have small labels on the bottom, and are called by their Romani names. Wheels are 'Bolers' and represent coins or pentacles, 'Koros' are cups, 'Koshes' are wands, and 'Chivs' are swords.

The book was a wonderful surprise. While traditional meanings of the cards are listed, Buckland's use of description and questions encourage us to read by intuition - rather than by simply reading keywords, or his interpretations.

There are no borders on these cards. The lovely, and at times sensual, illustrations go from edge to edge, making it seem as though we can walk right into their natural landscapes and perhaps even travel with these strong and proud people. I really love this deck and highly recommend it!

Reviewed by,
Toria Betson

Editor's Note: This deck is OOP "out of print". You may be able to find a deck on a store's shelf, but they won't be available from the publisher anymore.

If you wish to purchase this (or another) deck, please visit the Tarot Garden. They have many decks from which to choose. If they are not currently stocking a specific deck, please note special orders are welcome at: sales@tarotgarden.com.

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