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Madame Endora's Fortune Cards
Artwork by Christine Filipak and Joseph Vargo
ISBN #: 0-9675756-3-X

This very eclectic oracle deck is absolutely lovely. The images appear to actually glow, in deep blues, greens, russets and a gold the colour of old parchment, against their black backgrounds.

The deck combines fantasy creatures, such as unicorns and dragons, with Egyptian, Celtic and Greek, personifications, animals and symbols, and somehow it works! The artwork has managed to bring them all together in a very mystical and dramatic way.

The forty-eight cards are divided into five groups.

The Royal court represents the people who have the most powerful influences in your life, and include such characters as The Queen, The Wizard and The Harlequin.

The Realm of Fable cards represent outside forces, which affect your destiny. The Sphinx, Seduction and the Greenman are a few of the cards here.

The Bestiary reduces character traits to their most primal animal instincts. A few of the cards are - the Black Cat, the Wyvern and the Raven.

The Treasury represents tools, which will aid you - such as the Caduceus, The Hand of Fate and The Gate.

The Elements represent the ever-present forces of nature - such as The Sun, The Winds of Change and Earth.

This is a very simple deck, as each card features only one symbol. The name of the card is printed across the top and key phrases are printed on the bottom. For example, on 'The Wyvern', card, it reads: "Your secrets are safe".

The little white book's meanings do not go into any great depth either. Researching and learning more about each symbol or character on your own can add depth to the deck.

Reviewed by,
Toria Betson

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