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Volume 3 Issue 4 ISSN# 1708-3265
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An Editorial by Aleesha Stephenson

Could we have a better group of writers than we have this issue? Could they be any funnier, any more enlightening than they are? I think not!!!

First off we are joined by a new column, "Wyrd Lynx" which, if you read the first review in this issue, AngeLynx, you'll understand the column even better. Both the deck and the column are by the same person, John Sacelli. His form of communication opens your mind to a way of thinking which is not only refreshing but inspiring. Honestly, I stop and think "hmmm… I wonder why I chose to say "that word" rather than another… must be something deeper here" a few times a day now! His Angelish Language has changed the way I hear English!

Then there's the wonderfully hilarious Dan Pelletier. I know him personally and in person he's just as funny and a truly great (and gifted) storyteller. You find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for him to continue. At my hubby's retirement party, he was the thread which made the evening fun. He has this knack of including everyone in his stories and keeping us all interested regardless of the topic. Honestly, calling him gifted is the best description I can think of.

We also have our wonderfully funny Martin Avery sharing his story of "Male Menopause" - all I can say about this article is "I really really love this article." I've been walking around repeating that for the last few hours… and I have no doubt you will be saying the same after you read it!

Lastly, I know we told you "Dragon's Daughter" would be coming to a close this issue, but as with all writers, sometimes the story chooses something different than you expect… so we will be seeing a Part Six before Jennifer Monaghan takes us on a new journey with her next story.

Please read everything this issue… all of the articles, all of the columns are so fabulous - everyone did such a great job… not a single page should be missed by any of you!


ps I've recently sprained my back and need to spend as much time off the computer as possible. That is why we only have three reviews this issue. Please know, it wasn't for lack of 'wanting to do it' that these are missing from this issue.

We are always looking for new spiritual writers and artists. Please send your article submissions (in a .doc file), and your cover art submissions (in .jpg) to: TimelessSpirit@shaw.ca.

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