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Weird and Wonderful
by Magi Frost

Well, hello there! My name is Magi Frost. Thought you might get a chuckle from a peep into my weird and wonderful world. So here goes…

To start with, you probably know me as the proofreader and copy-editor for this marvellous magazine. Being able to assist in my small way the fabulous writers who share their stories with you in every issue is a labour of love, which makes my heart sing!

You may also recognise the blue link to Magi's Magick Spells (yes, I'm the "Magi" in this magical website, along with the amazing Aleesha.) MAGI'S MAGICK SPELLS

I received an email recently asking me "What does it mean to have a license to practise as a witch in Canada?" It is an interesting one, which I hope I can answer to everyone's satisfaction…

The Goddess has blessed me with many teachers in this lifetime; and in serving Her by passing on the knowledge, it seems I have become quite the 'Wiccan activist'. When my husband and I moved to a town where appropriate paperwork was required for home-based businesses, I applied at the council office for a business license.

When they asked what I did the long list started - Wiccan Priestess (performing Wiccaning, Handfasting, and the whole gamut of priestly duties of Sabbat Rituals etc.), Teaching Wicca 101, Reiki Master/Teacher, on the Elder Council of The Society of Celtic Shamans, Firewalk Instructor, Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer, Numerologist, Spell-maker, Intuitive Counsellor… by then the clerk's eyes were glazed over and she called The Administrator to handle this request!

He heard the story and asked if it could be condensed into one or two words - and I said "I should be granted a license to practise as a Witch." Because this was quite out of his realm of experience, he contacted the Union of B.C. Municipalities to see if there WAS such a category. And guess what? It had never been done before in this Province - and maybe (he said) in all of Canada!

Being a brave soul, bless his heart, he decided to set a precedent; and so I was able to purchase a business license to practise as a WITCH.

And you might have seen my dear husband and I featured some time back in a T.V. show entitled "Weird and Wonderful", which showcased our firewalking classes. (By the way folks, did you know our publisher Aleesha is also a firewalker?)

The show's producer wouldn't tell us whether we were being categorized as "Weird" or "Wonderful". Naturally, we like to think we rated the "Wonderful" tag, but one can never be really sure about things like this. Oh, what the heck, I'll take "Weird" - it's fun too!

We live in the part of Canada known as "Supernatural" British Columbia, and up here they're called Provinces, not States. When your home is in a place the tourism industry has dubbed "Supernatural", it opens up a whole grab bag of experiences for the not faint of heart to explore! And having been married to the same great man for going on 30 years, we've had a multitude of experiences - some thrilling, some frightening, many enlightening - but never, never boring!

We've marched to a different drummer than your average bears, in our lifetime together, and I have to tell you - this man has to be either blindly in love with me, or just incredibly loyal! Either way, to his everlasting credit, he has unflinchingly backed my every endeavour with help and enthusiasm; bless his socks.

He does have his idiosyncrasies, to be sure. The old standard "you leave your clothes on the floor" being one of them, but it's minor compared to his absent-mindedness. I swear we must have house-gremlins at our place because of the number of times in a day he says he puts something down, turns around, and it's gone! We spend so much time looking for his stuff I often wonder how the dickens we ever get anything done.

The easy solution to this problem has been to make sure he has two of everything (except the wife - but then I'm a Gemini, so that's taken care of, right there). He now has a mighty collection of tools, and each of the few times we've moved house it's been a very weighty problem! Sadly, the gremlins seem to move right along with us; and now we have a couple of horses too, so there's a whole bunch more stuff to keep track of.

These horses are a fairly new addition to our family, and only came into our lives when we finally moved here, w-a-y out into the country. They're interesting critters and have enriched our lives. Daily. Many times a day. You talk about fibre keeping you regular! Considering the little amount of hay they eat, it's amazing how impressively productive their digestive systems are. If only we could power our truck on horse-poo we could drive hundreds of miles for free! So if you know of a greater use (than the garden) for this brown resource, please do let me know, as my dear husband is severely sick of shovelling the stuff!

Traditional skills of hunting and trapping for the meat and the furs are alive and well here in the great white north. We also have real cowboys who work on the local cattle ranches, and even a few buffalo farms nearby. It's a great life out here in the country - all the meat in our freezer comes via hunting rather than a supermarket - and our latest hobby is skull-collecting.

Yeah, I guess we might be considered a little weird, and it does raise some odd looks from visiting city-folks who aren't used to seeing a living-room decorated with an assortment of skulls, rather than antique vases or oil paintings; but that's our style.

I was going to tell you that we clean the skulls, but it's really not me, but my husband who does the job; which involves immersing the skull in a pot full of water, which is brought to the boil and then simmered for hours and hours until all the flesh comes off. Of course you are envisioning this grisly chore being carried out on a camp stove, way out back behind the barn, aren't you?


Remember I told you my beloved husband has some quirks? Well one of them is this - he insists on cleaning the skulls right in our kitchen. Very aromatic, that's for sure. I found the trick is to slip a soup-cube into the pot. Keeps the smell down to a barely-bearable level - at least just below the vomit threshold of my sensitive little stomach.

Once the bones (see, now they have become "bones", instead of "the skulls of dead animals") are all cleaned and bleached and dry and beautiful, they come into my hands to make into magick animal skull candle holders; as they contain all the spiritual essence of their original owner; and now they will survive, long after the animal would have completed its life span. Hides, bones, meat, claws - all are used - nothing is wasted. The circle of life goes around so much more visibly when you live so close to the land.

So do we miss living in the city? Not really. Well… maybe… sometimes.

But how can you top the wonder of a trip to our local store; where you can get your mail, groceries, the newspaper, lottery tickets, a taxidermied fox, bear, beaver or bobcat, hunting or fishing licenses, a bus ticket to the city; worms, grubs or maggots to fish with, rent a movie, or just chat with the locals? Outside the building is a hitching rail to tether your horse, and gas pumps for your truck. (Gotta have the truck to pull the horse-trailer, y'know.)

Remarkably, this emporium has all our needs covered in one tiny place. Except, of course, for minor details like a doctor, dentist, optometrist, pharmacy, movie theatre, and all the other amenities we used to take for granted as part of city life.

For us, what makes up for it all is our closeness to nature - going out after a fresh snowfall (pretty much from October through May) and seeing the tracks of our wild visitors. The local moose or his ladies come in to munch on the alfalfa we put out especially for them, and the resident coyote gang dance through our yard as if it were their own (which of course, by their standards… it is!) Bear, fox, bobcat, lynx, and even occasionally some beautiful wolves, all grace us with their presence.

And the stars! I swear there are more stars in the sky here than anywhere else!

What a fabulous place to live and make magick. We love it.

It's really not at all weird; it's just… Wonderful.

Magi Frost is the Copy Editor for Timeless Spirit Magazine. An English major and dedicated perfectionist, she delights in the intricacies and subtle nuances of the English language.

Magi has done copy editing for Anne Massey, D.J. Conway, Tira Brandon-Evans, Jeni Mayer, Salmo & District Hospice Society, West Kootenay Therapeutic Riding Association, The Pagan Grove Society, Body Mind Spirit Magazine, Earthsongs Magazine and The Salmo Newspaper.

Magi is also a published author in her own right, having written articles for many newspapers and magazines.

Magi is also the creator of Magi's Magick Spells.

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