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Volume 3 Issue 4 ISSN# 1708-3265
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Meditate A Moment
featuring: Toria Betson

A meditation for those times we need to 'lighten up' and not take ourselves so seriously.

On a clear night, go outside. If you can lie back on a blanket or lawn chair, do so. You will be looking at the stars and won't want to get a stiff neck.

The night sky puts everything in perspective. Our daily concerns lose importance. We are reminded that we are made of star stuff.

We are not alone; we are one of billions; we are part of a much larger whole.

Self-importance is an illusion. When we let go of our ego, and lose our sense of self-importance, we can awaken to find humour, joy, and laughter.

Close your eyes.

Visualize your worries, concerns, resentments, judgments and fears as tiny fireflies. Let them go, from the top of your head, your hands, and from anywhere you hold tension. It might be your stomach, your shoulders, your jaw or brow. Release them to the night sky.

Now open your eyes and look at the stars. Feel the starlight enter your body. Open and receive the light into your heart. Feel it fill with light. Feel the starlight bubbling up inside of you, bringing you inspiration and energy. Feel the light getting larger and brighter until you are completely illuminated. This light is cleansing and purifying you.

By simple intention, you can manifest joy.

Now, radiate your light back out to the universe.

Twinkle and dance among the other stars.





Victoria Betson lives and learns in the woods with her children and husband of seventeen years. Toria has written for Timeless Spirit, Body Mind Spirit and other e-magazines. She loves to garden and cook the organic vegetables and herbs she grows.

Toria is also a Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, Empath, and Reiki II practitioner. She assists clients through Tarot readings and Shamanic Journeys at her website, Toria's Tarot, or you may contact her via email.

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