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by David Reber

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate…"

I don't know if you remember my last article spoke on how my life is moving again because I chose to let go of fear? Well, I wish to announce the current topic lends itself well to this sentiment also. In fact, many of the titles of upcoming issues do. This may just be a whole series on the benefits of actively deciding not to be afraid. I know I sound like Rush (Part II of Fear), but I noticed that when I was afraid my attention was always down, concentrating on properly placing my next step only. When fear dropped to merely a cabinet role instead of Commander in Chief I looked up and around. Now I am more convinced I am meant to smile, to laugh. Life has humour, life is FUNNY!

You know, at first, just before looking around I had a pretty set idea life was a struggle, bills were overwhelming, I was pouring my energy into a dead relationship. Day to day was hard. In my mind I decided I had to work hard to find reasons to smile again, and laughter was completely out. This was not the case at all. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am now convinced the Gods want me to smile and laugh.

You see, with your attention glowering at the earth, timidly grimacing at your next step, you miss what is around you. Once you look up, situations are literally handed to you which force a smile. Here I compare those above to that annoying relative who lifts your chin and goads you with a goofy face when you want to pout.

So with this in mind, the other day I was run to the end of my tether. I saw over sixty kids (I teach swimming lessons), and not one of them listened. They all took off in different directions, screaming. I swear it was one of those days that were not just hard, but aimed actually. It was my opinion all sixty kids sat in the parking lot, washed pixie stix down with Mountain Dew so they vibrated and nearly went Astral on the spot. Whoa. As I said, the end of my tether, just like a dog goaded into a dead run so the sudden stop of its leash choked it out.

One kid was sitting on the deck with his grandpa and playing army men, an oddly quiet, calm island amidst a sea of screaming Hottentots. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him hand one of the figures to his grandpa and ask, "What's this one?"

Grandpa responded, "Well you can see by the stripes on his sleeve he's a sergeant."

The little boy handed him a couple more and Grandpa said, "This one's a private… And so is this one…"

As I said, I only distantly recorded this as the current group was quite a handful.

Class was over, I gave the call for the group to leave and the new group to come in. Of course no one listened, several actually looked me right in the face and said, "No." They ignored me in my own place! I started to feel my heart beat in my temple, everything went red, I inhaled deeply to begin a tirade which would have actually alienated me from the kids and definitely hurt their feelings at least. I was done, my limits reached and passed several time zones back.

But the little boy I told you about quietly wove his way amongst the frothing crowd and stood there calmly. My lungs were expanded to let go with all kinds of verbal abuse to parents and children alike when he calmly asked, "Can I put my privates in the water?"

You see what happened here? The powers that be did not want me to fuss or fret. How could I not laugh at that? That little soft palate set of words completely diffused the situation. My lungs deflated. Instead of exploding all I did was shrug and say, "May as well, I do."

I really wish I had more space to give more examples. I could easily tell how my friend Bob cannot go into Blockbuster anymore because he asked for the movie Zorro the Gay Blade. The kid behind the counter was too young to remember and merely said, "Adult movies are in the back." Or I could tell about Miss Kitty, the Mexican manager of the new pub in town who, if he was any more graceful would burst into flames, keeps saying he "wantsss to amp it up!!! (snap and wiggle)"

I am not kidding, every single day now has little gems like this just for me, and then I share them to hopefully make other people laugh. Can't you see? Humour causes laughter and laughter banishes fear. Now go out and find your humour gifts from the powers that be, they are there, waiting for you… trust me!

Hello, my name is David Reber and I currently reside in Northern Indiana. Aside from my day job of working with children, I enjoy the seclusion of my little white home in the woods. There I am afforded the quiet comfort to pursue a bit of archery and fishing along with the occasional hack attempt at writing.

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