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A Divination Deck Exploring the Angelish Language

Words by John Sacelli
Images by Chris Deschaine

ISBN #: 1-81271-00067-5

When I first opened this deck and saw the words or shall I say 'wyrds' around the edges of the cards it took me a minute to understand what I was seeing. Then as my mind began to expand, twisting my 'normal' thinking around… I was able to understand. This deck takes our words and pulls them apart, shines a bright light on them and puts them back together again - what do we get from it? A whole new understanding. Our english becomes Angelish for us. We see our nightmare - the dream we fear which runs over us become a Night Mare - the dream we mount, carries us. Our fear becomes power!

It takes the shadows, the part we don't want anyone to see and illuminates them… and once we see them, we can't deny them anymore… we have to really 'see' them.

I have been having some back pain (I sprained my back two weeks ago) and so I decided to do a reading. Drawing five cards in total, I asked for one card to represent me, three to represent my body, mind and spirit… and finally one more for where I am going.

I was represented by the nightmare card. My body spoke of my anger, my mind spoke of critisism, and my spirit of fear! Was I surprised by this? No, not at all. I believe we hold memories in every cell of our body but especially in our organs and our muscles. I have been feeling so much anger, resentment, fear and unhappiness while the Chiropractor has been assisting my back to heal (along with a wonderful healing circle!) I knew I was releasing years of upset, a childhood filled with pain - it all had to go!

So then, how did this reading assist me if I already knew all of this? Well it confirmed for me that my instincts are correct… I am releasing years of yuck but it showed me I can turn my nightmare into my Night Mare and move through this pain.

Are you wondering what the final card, (where I am going) was? Poetry or as I see it Poet Tree where each page that is written becomes a leaf on the Poet Tree - sharing our experiences with others gives them power to mount their own Night Mare. So the muse for my review of this deck was born.

I have received a very detailed reading for myself with this deck each time I've used it. I also pulled it out at the Meditation Group which meets once a month in my living room. All ten of us pulled a single card, passing the deck around the room. Everyone resonated very strongly with their card - even Jonny who pulled the Kinky card! His wife pulled a card which spoke to her of being powerful within herself (they left early that night!)

This is the kind of deck you want to be alone with though, for the most part… as so far, my experience of using this deck has been very personal and deep… shining light on shadows I didn't realize I had but once the light hit them… I realized they've been there for awhile now.

Thought provoking, insightful and unique… does a deck get any better than this?

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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