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About The Cover
Jennifer Danner

This is a photograph I took in our garden in late autumn, 2005. It depicts a sun-bleached cow skull and a few of that season's last wildflowers. To me, it expresses a feeling of life and death; a frost had already hit, and killed off much of the garden, but these hardy plants had lasted a little longer than most of them.

I found the skull on one of our many trips out into the woods. I thought it'd make an awesome garden decoration, so it came home with me; it was not easy to carry! But time, the sun, and forest creatures had stripped it clean, and there was no need for any extra cleaning or bleaching. To me, it is a symbol of the cleansing ways of Nature; looking at it in the garden, it reminds me of that day, hiking with my fiancee; late Fall, about to turn into the long, arduous, snow-filled winter.

How many winters had this skull seen before I found it? I do not know. There have not been cattle on this farm for about ten years. It surprises me the skull could last that long and not just be a pile of dust, but there is no other explanation. We found it in a pine grove, a spot where the forest floor is carpeted with a seeming eon's worth of pine needles. It was just sitting, waiting for someone to find it.

The flowers in the photo symbolize to me, a little bit of hope. Their seeds did fall and I am happy to say, their gorgeous descendants bless my garden year after year. The cycle of life and death is a beautiful thing.


Jennifer Danner lives in rural Western New York. She is an avid nature lover, and has many pets, including horses, fish, snakes, and a cat. She works fulltime at a desk job but loves painting, drawing, and ATVing in her spare time.

"Art by Ginevive" offering commissioned paintings, computer designed business logos, animal drawings and paintings. Contact her via email.

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