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A Balance between the Material and Spiritual Worlds
by Douglas De Long

Materialism is all-pervasive in our modern world. Money has become the most important thing in many people's lives. In fact, it has become a god to some. A person's value in life is often linked to his or her own personal wealth. Acquiring expensive items is a goal for many of us.

Greed is a major factor which contributes to some of the evils of our fast-paced world. Many big corporations embrace this greed and put the human factor on a back burner. Profit and not people are the most important aspects of all of this. Banks post record profits which seem like incredible amounts of money. As the old saying goes 'Money makes the world go round.'

Yes, it is crucial that we are successful in life and make a comfortable living which helps us. Also, there is nothing wrong with acquiring wealth providing the following is taken into consideration. Money should be treated as a form of energy. Energy can flow much like water. It can come in and out of our lives in a regular manner. (For some of us it seems to go out of our lives more than it comes in!) This energy is all part of the Creator as well.

Many individuals will let greed take over much the same as many large companies do. On the other hand, there are many people who think 'money is the root of all evil.' This belief can create problems too. When you view money in this way, you create a block to receiving money or this form of energy. There needs to be a balance to all of this. It is important not to be too needy and not to be too greedy. Bear this in mind as you go about your daily business.

When you wish something to be manifested in your life make sure the end result will help you and perhaps some others. Also, no harm should come to anyone when you strive to manifest your wishes or desires. On a more spiritual level there is a repercussion if you do not follow these basic guidelines when trying to create something in your life.

It is quite possible to follow a spiritual path and create material abundance while doing so. This is another balance which should be maintained as you go through life, learning and growing. Enjoy your life, create many blessings but do not allow your soul to be lost. Always maintain a spiritual essence in all that you do.

In my second book 'Ancient Healing Techniques' I discuss the power of the mind in detail. There is a technique in my book you can employ in your daily life that allows you to manifest things. It is called The Law of Manifestation. I will explain it briefly.

When you attempt this technique or exercise make sure you are in a quiet place and you are relaxed. The most opportune time to try this is just prior to sleep. While either lying in bed or sitting in a comfortable position, take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Then, focus on something you really wish in your life. Perhaps, you desire a better paying job in a different field of employment.

Visualize yourself being interviewed for the ideal position. See and feel the interview unfolding in a very positive manner. Feel the warm and happy emotions as you finish your meeting. Know in your heart and soul that this event will unfold eventually. Let the vision disappear and then say to yourself, "As I ask I shall receive."

Let it all go and simply drift off to sleep. Repeat this exercise three days in a row. After that point, release it and forget about it. Go about your daily affairs.

Several events will transpire once you have completed The Law of Manifestation. The thought you created, which is real energy, will go out into the universe. This allows certain doors to open up and situations to be manifested which are in your favour. (Perhaps, someone will call you and offer you a unique employment opportunity!) When this happens follow through with action. Ultimately, this will lead to the manifestation you desired.

There is tremendous power within the human mind. When you develop your psychic and spiritual gifts, this power increases and allows you to manifest many wonderful gifts and events in your life. This is covered within the book as well.

Following a spiritual path allows us to enjoy the wonders of our world and to help make it a better world. So, follow your path and follow your heart.

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Douglas De Long is an international author on the subjects of spirituality, psychic development and ancient healing. His current works: Ancient Teachings for Beginners and Ancient Healing Techniques, are both published by Llewellyn Worldwide. He is a medical intuitive, past life therapist, and spiritual teacher. Douglas, along with his wife Carol operates the De Long Ancient Mystery School near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The website is www.douglasdelong.com

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