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The Egyptian Oracle
Maya Heath
ISBN#: 1-879181-19-3

This unique and fascinating oracle consists of twenty-eight hieroglyph tiles, a two-sided fold out board and a hard covered book. All fit neatly into a slipcase.

There are many oracles based upon ancient Egyptian themes, but this one is different; this one 'feels' authentic. When Maya Heath writes that this system was passed on to her in a past life memory, I believe her!

The oracle was well researched, and adapted for modern times. An attractive printed board replaces a papyrus scroll, and the hieroglyphs are on tiles rather than flat palm wood strips.

Basically, the tiles are drawn from a bowl and dropped or placed upon the board. The meaning of each glyph is combined with the house it occupies.

The first side of the board is used for general overviews, and for the Layout of the Twelve Houses, which gives a detailed account of your life or the subject in question. It contains a row of twelve houses, each representing a major god or goddess. The houses progress following the Osirian myth cycle. Osiris was the god of the Underworld and presided over death and rebirth. One's life journey can be said to pass through stages which parallel the Osirian cycle. The first house is ruled by the god Geb, the earth, and represents the Foundation of the issue or situation. The goddess Maat rules the twelfth house. She represents the law and justice. This is the house of the Determination or outcome of the question. She shows areas that are unbalanced and suggests ways to bring them into harmony. In between there are houses representing Opposition, Emotions, Home and Environment, and Guidance, to name a few.

The Ankh Layout Board on the reverse side, may be used for clarification. It can give specific details or a broader viewpoint if needed after the Layout of the Twelve Houses.

There is a Winged Disk section on either side, which may be used for simple one or three tile readings.

The twenty-eight hieroglyph tiles reflect the moving states of energy and describe the forces at work in each stage of the journey. The glyphs chosen were those most used as amulets. One may use these tiles as amulets or charms.

Each hieroglyph has Egyptian numbering on the bottom left, showing its place in the cycle. The numbering is very simple to learn and makes it easy to look each tile up in the book. The bottom right contains a symbol for the element the character resides in, and below that, its numbered placement within the cycle of that element.

There are four elements, each containing seven tiles; the number seven represents manifestation in the material world. The tiles are read with upright or reversed meanings.

The only difficulty I've had, was that I found the book unclear as to what to do when a tile falls horizontally, or if half in one house and half in the next.

The oracle is very easy to use by simply combining the glyph's meaning with the house it lies in. However, it may also be used with greater depth by considering the elements and Egyptian numerology.

All in all, I find this to be an accurate and illuminating divination tool. It lends a sense of timelessness, of being a part of a continuum. Something about that puts everything into perspective.

Reviewed by
Toria Betson

Editor's Note: It is not possible to show the true look of these tiles here as they are hieroglyphs, so rather than show a "lacking" example of them, we would prefer for you to see them for yourself by ordering them or visiting a bookstore near you.

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