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My 9-Year-Old is Shaving Her Head for A Great Cause!
by Lee Nicholas

My 9 year old daughter Annie is a really great kid! She decided last year that she would try to raise at least $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society by shaving her head at the Relay for Life in Kingston, Ontario on May 30, 2008.

We have gone to the Relay for Life for the past two years in support and honour of our dear friend Cass (aged 15) who has recently finished cancer treatment for leukemia.

At last year's event, Annie and her friends witnessed a young boy getting his head shaved. From that moment on, Annie has been determined to raise money and have her head shaved at this year's event. Her good friends Thai and Nhat, Cass's brothers are also having their heads shaved. Strength in numbers I think! More amazingly she enlightened me; it isn't her money that she is donating, it's just her hair so it's not really a big deal. Since Annie's hair is so long, she didn't want her hair to go to waste so she is having her hair cut off first and then her head shaved.

Her hair will be donated to A Child's Voice Foundation for their Angel Hair for Kids programme. Her hair will be combined with other donated hair and it will be made into a wig for a child who doesn't have any hair. I think when she is older and looks back on this, she will come to understand, on an even deeper level than she does today, what a special thing she is doing!

At first I wasn't sure if Annie would remain interested in doing this. I reminded her of all it entails, such as asking for donations, being on stage in front of a crowd, having her hair cut and shaved by someone she doesn't know. Last but not least, she'd be bald! She has never had any second thoughts and as the time draws nearer, she is more excited than ever!

Having Cass in our lives has lead to many discussions about cancer. We've seen first hand what stress and fear this diagnosis brings to everyone involved. We've heard of some great organizations who help families and patients manage to cope during such a difficult time. One organization is Camp Trillium. They do so much for children and their families including the camps they run so everyone can have fun and have a vacation which is sensitive to the fact they have cancer and can meet their special needs.

We are proud to be on Camp Trillium's team for the Relay for Life for the third year in a row. Our team captain is Gloria McCloy.

Annie's goal is to raise at least $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society knowing the money will go towards research and programmes which benefit people with cancer, including her friend Cass.

If you feel moved to do so, you can make a donation online.

Follow this secure link to the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life 2008.

Click on 'Pledge a Participant' and type in Annie Nicholas which will take you to her personal fundraising page.

You can also send your donation to

Annie Nicholas
c/o Lisa Nicholas
93 Beckett Road,
RR#3 Stirling ON
K0K 3E0

Be sure to make your cheques payable to the Canadian Cancer Society (all donations over $20 receive a receipt for tax purposes).

Annie is looking forward to having her head shaved and thinks it will be a lot easier to care for this summer! Her two teenaged sisters, Dad and I are all very proud of her.

A very big thank you to Aleesha and the readers of Timeless Spirit Magazine for allowing us to share Annie's story!

Be sure to watch for 'before and after' photos in an upcoming issue!

Lee Nicholas is a stay at home mom to 3 home learners. She loves to read, knit and work in the garden!

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