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by Jean Hofve, DVM

Appreciation seems like such a "human" emotion, yet animals are some of the most appreciative beings on earth.

If you ever talk to anyone who does rescue or shelter work, you'll hear it said that many animals, particularly sick or injured ones, seem to understand and appreciate what's being done for them, even when what's being done is painful or distressing.

One of the reasons why dogs are such popular companion animals is that they appreciate—with gusto—even the most mundane events. You come home from work, and your dog is ecstatic to see you; that's appreciation! You touch the leash, dish out the food, toss a stick—your dog is ecstatic—isn't appreciation great?

You extend a hand to your cat, and she twines around your legs, purring like a NASCAR engine; that, too, is appreciation!

Animals do everything for us. They give everything to us. Animals give their love, their trust, their bodies, and their lives—not just the pets in our homes, but animals help save our lives with medicines that were tested on them, they clothe us, and they feed our families with their milk, eggs, and meat. My animal communicator friend says that domestic animals willingly entered a partnership with humans to do exactly this. In earlier times, humans acknowledged the many sacrifices animals made on our behalf. But in this modern age, much of what they have received in return is cruelty and exploitation.

So when you use an animal product—whether it be milk in your tea, a burger for dinner, musk in your perfume, leathers, feathers, or the abalone shell you burn your smudging herbs in—always take a moment to appreciate the life of the animal who gave it to you, and say a word of thanks. Doing this even once a day will raise your consciousness in a dramatic fashion and the energy will be received, and appreciated, by the animal.

Since our animal companions appreciate us so much, how can we show some appreciation to animals in return? Here are a few ideas:

Appreciation is an expression of gratitude. It is also an expression of unconditional love. Who among us can't use more of that? Come on, spread it around!

Dr. Jean Hofve recently retired from holistic veterinary practice, but still writes and consults on holistic health and nutrition. She is a Medicine Woman of the Mountain Wind Lodge Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization (Oklevueha Native American Church of Sanpete). She founded SpiritEssence in 1995, which remains the only line of essence formulas for animals created by a veterinarian. For more information on pet health, nutrition, and behaviour, please visit the free article library at www.littlebigcat.com.

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