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Green For Life
Victoria Boutenko
ISBN#: 0-9704819-6-9

I am having a very hard time writing the review for this book… well reviewing this book in general. The reason is, every time I go to grab the book to write the review I get immersed in it, once again, and find myself re-reading it. So far, I've read it more than a half a dozen times and I'm sure I'll be reading even more in the future.

This book is revolutionary… it's health-bringing. Victoria takes all the research she's done and makes it simple to understand. She changes the way you look at greens.

"However, greens are not vegetables and greens are not starchy. In fact, greens are the only food group that helps digest other foods through stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. Thus, greens can be combined with any other foods." {page 38-39}

Victoria suggests you increase your intake of green leafy vegetables. In order to do this she suggests you blend them into a smoothie using fruit to sweeten the drink and this way you get the greens your body needs for health and your palate is satisfied as well.

This book isn't just about adding green smoothies to your diet though. It's about looking at how your body handles dis-ease and how you can assist it to better health. She discusses the 1931 Nobel Prize given to Dr. Otto Warburg for his discovery of the cause of cancer (and it's links to pH). Victoria goes on to ask "I wonder, if this discovery was so important that he received the Nobel Prize, why doesn't everyone know what pH is?"

Do Doctors check your pH? Do students learn the pH index of foods in school? How about labels on our food at the grocery store letting us know Parmesan cheese has a pH of -34 while spinach is +14.

She removes the delusion many people have about the cause of weight gain and how to succeed in losing weight.

She goes back to nature, our closest cousins in the animal kingdom - Chimpanzees. Looking at their health and diet to unlock the disease in our health and diet… her research brings nutrition to a new level of understanding.

There is so much information I can't begin to even explain that in a one page review. I'd need to write a book, but fortunately I don't have to because Victoria already has! Get a copy… and while you are at it, get another copy to pass around to your friends and family because if you are anything like me, you won't be able to put down your copy - even after you've already read it 9 times!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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