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by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

"Physicists say we are made of stardust. Intergalactic debris and far-flung atoms, shards of carbon nanomatter rounded up by gravity to circle the sun. As atoms pass through an eternal revolving door of possible form, energy and mass dance in fluid relationship. We are stardust, we are man, we are thought. We are story."
From THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE by Glenda Burgess

Did you ever wonder, if we are as the wise gurus say, ONE with the universe, what is the "glue" that holds us together? Oh, I know gravity holds us to the earth, but I'm talking about what (on earth) keeps us bonded in one way or another to everything and everyone. Once, I thought it might be books, but then, how could that be since there are so many different languages in this world of ours? You would have to know a vast multitude of languages to feel ONE with the universe through books unless you add thoughts, feelings, and emotions into the calculation.

Then, I thought it might be music, the universal language. It doesn't matter if you understand the words, it's the whole of the music - the strands, beats, and pauses - that tugs at your heart, speaks to your very Spirit. I know it does for me. Nothing speaks to me like music does whether I'm joyous, sad, angry, confused, frustrated, pensive, relaxed, jazzed up, depressed, or anxious. Surely, there have been times in your life when music literally or figuratively "saved the day", mended your heart, or clarified your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I have favourite songs from momentous times in my life as I'm sure you do. That special song associated with first love, and first breakup. Or, second love and second breakup. An amazing song associated with graduation, purchase of a first car, engagement, marriage, or birth of a child. Or, a special song at first experience with death. My youngest son, John, was killed in a senseless automobile accident many years ago. When his car was crashed into, he had been listening to the Styx song, "Sail Away". Today, that song brings great comfort to me. And coincidentally, as I expanded my comfort zone and listened to other songs by Styx, what do I find but a song entitled "Dear John", about a colleague of theirs who had died.

If Spirit is what animates all of Nature, including us, and I believe it does, then Divine Energy, IS the glue embracing us as ONE. Spirit is Divine Energy and vice versa. Divine Energy aka Universal Vibrations aka Spirit, exist in all species to one degree or another. Being interconnected can be emotional for both Source and audience. As you take time to go within to the Sacred Space of the Source, Our Creator, tuning in to the silent whisperings of the God-Spirit can be utterly overwhelming. As it is when you see with visionary eyes, viewing the big picture and thus able to manifest loving thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Expressing appreciation of a flower's beauty, for instance, pleases the flower as well as the person overwhelmed with the flower's loveliness. In case you have not heard, plants have feelings, too.

Speaking of feelings and emotions brings up another issue regarding interconnectedness interdependence. Before an emotion can manifest, there must be a feeling preceded by a thought. For example, a person in search of a career he/she can love, and through which can make a living (the thought) loves Nature (the feeling), and decides to become a florist (the emotion).

This florist depends upon the water company for water to run the business; electricity, phone company, internet provider, computer techs, for the same; advertising, accountant, delivery persons to bring supplies to the store and to deliver to customers. A person in the floral industry also depends upon floral suppliers to send floral foam, StayFresh packets for the flowers, card picks, Capri cards, vases, teddy bears, and more. Now you can call that interdependence or interconnected, but all of it draws us into a solid foundation of Divine Energy, Spirit. No matter the career or even if you have no career, we are all dependent upon each other, and upon the Holy God-Spirit.

Bottom line, though, is that we are connected and dependent upon each other. And, it is through Divine Energy that this is so. This, I believe in my heart. And because this is the truth, we need to encourage compassion and loving-kindness in our world if we are to survive. A caring about each other, for what hurts one, hurts the other. And, what heals one, heals the other. May the God-Spirit bless you and keep you in Her/His loving arms.

Cheryl, from Michigan, says, "Having had Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years, I've learned much about adapting and squeezing joy out of life. Therefore, I am a metaphysical minister who believes God is in everything, everywhere. And, the Sweet God-Spirit surely lives in my little Maya-puppy, who kept me connected with life after my youngest son was killed in a freak automobile accident ten years ago."

Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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