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Splendor Runs Wild
by Dj Brown

Light and shadows weaving together in deep woodlands artistically scatters luminosity everywhere. Spider's web hangs heavy with morning dew and twinkles like a jeweled treasure stretched from the boulder up into the wild grapevine. Moss clings to anything that will give it hold. The scent of damp soil and last falls' dropped leaves blend together making a pleasure only a few of us notice and enjoy. Squirrels jump from limb to limb, birds call to their mates, water bubbles over rocks in the creek playing backup to the music of life in the forest. Splendor runs wild here where the companionship of one tree lives in harmony with another and another until the whole forest beckons life to flourish. The woodland is a symphony in as much as it takes the sum total of all to create a balanced growing sustainable life force.

All life has at least this one thing in common. It wants to become what it can be. For instance the chrysalis lives to become a butterfly. The transformation of the frog from a tadpole comes from the same intrinsic desire. The sapling grew from the seed and finds its way to being the awesome mighty oak. There's an extremely fine line between seeing something as lacking or missing, rather than seeing it as something that might grow into its full potential. Look at how the seasons are all connected. Winter is the season of rest and it flows into spring - the season of renewal and planting. Summer is the season of growing and maturing whereas autumn is all about harvest, rejoicing and giving thanks and it connects to winter again making the circle complete and whole. The circle of life, ever ongoing, always merging to be an individualized whole.

As such, we humans are connected by many means. Our eyes meet on a crowded street and for a moment we feel what's in the eyes of others. We know each other from school, meetings, work, parties, and communal projects. We meet on the internet, in letters. We are neighbours. Some of us know each other through our spiritual beliefs. We know our doctors, nurses, and therapists. Others of us know people through mission work or because we connect with someone we met in the grocery store. We may choose to walk by someone homeless or we take a moment to honour their place with a word of kindness or maybe that extra bottle of water in our back pack. We know people by the hopelessness that weighs on their shoulders. All of us know others we've heard on the radio or seen them on television. Yes we know the faces of fear from Katrina. Our eyes know the hungry and starving families in Darfur. Even if we never set eyes on each other or hear one another's voices we know we're out there and we can, if we tune into the living grace, we can feel each other's presence. Amazingly each of us is like a pebble thrown in a pond. We reach out; it's passed forward to another and in turn is multiplied by infinity. Walking through life the world is our home. As such, we are a spoke of the circle of life turning and moving.

Threads of love, passion, joy, curiosity, companionship, anger, pain, hopelessness and even life itself and death connect us all in the circle as it's meant to be. One voice lifted in song can change the world. A quiet voice lifted in peace is heard over protest screams.

Witnessing the secret ways of life is one thing, however honouring, nourishing and loving them is what really counts. Like the spider's web in the forest, the web of life lets us be all we can be, shining as a jewel in its frame. It holds the promise of renewal and possibilities. Like the seasons we move in cycles over and over again until we become part of the seasons themselves. We all feel the sunshine at one time or another. Each of us stands in the rain now and again. However, the Breath of Life flows from one to the other connecting us with the mystical energy that moves us to grow and achieve. We need never be alone. Our lives are the notes in the symphony. We all play together sharing and encouraging each other to be and grow.

Be it today, tomorrow or next week we may have changed but the circle of life will remain consistent and comforting. Life is life, it may not be fair or forgiving, but always makes way for us to reach into ourselves and pull out the very best of who and what we are. Together we are a glorious mass finding ourselves, each other and the world about us as we journey forward. We are all born in our season of spring when life is new to us. In the summer of our lives our playful young spirit searches and finds its core of truth, meaning and purpose. In our final autumn life presents itself with the gifts of gathered blessings and a spirit more lovely than we could ever have imagined transcending winter into the light and love of our Beloved Breath of Life.  

A mystical curiosity about nature and the ability to paint pictures with words gives this gifted writer, public speaker and artist the ability to serve and share with those she walks her journey with. Dj Brown earned a degree in metaphysical ministry and counselling. She was born a sensitive to spirits and finds her abilities enhanced by her spirit guides and earthly teachers. Dj describes her life goal as one of further developing the tapestry of her spirit to reflect the compassionate, loving Source of her being.

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