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Prosperity and Change Pathway
Magi's Magick Spells

Hello all,

Over the years I have known Aleesha, she has helped opened my eyes to Reiki, meditation, tarot and spellwork. It must have been at least 6 years ago that I first explored spellwork with my first purchase of Magi's Magick Spells, using the Prosperity and Change 30 day Pathway. At the time I was in a difficult place in my relationship with my spouse and we were under financial strain. I diligently performed the daily routine of nightly meditation and consciously worked on each day's spellwork. When I was finished the 30 day Pathway I continued to observe the Full and New Moon, working with my Guides and keeping in my mind the work I had just completed as the weeks and (eventually) months passed.

Many things began to change. I received my first promotion at work. I refinanced my house to consolidate my debts which relieved our monthly stress. And I began to change and recognize that I was in control and able to become empowered simply by welcoming change and working with My Guides. I received my first degree in Reiki and began working on honouring and integrating the Reiki principles into my Life. I began to work on my Self. MAGI'S MAGICK SPELLS

The following summer I REPEATED the 30 day Prosperity and Change spellwork Pathway. I felt ready to welcome MORE change into my life and work further with My Guides, releasing any fear of where this may take me. I had full faith in this Pathway and I knew from meditation that I needed to let go of trying to *control* my Life. Months passed and this time I changed further. I learned tarot and began reading for myself regularly. I meditated both in Group and alone. I began blogging and writing out my life journey to share with others. I sought further advancement in my workplace and read voraciously about various financial opportunities that excited me.

Knowing through Wicca that three is the charm, I opted to repeat for a third and final time the 30 day Prosperity and Change Pathway. I was advised the FIRST time I worked on this program to "strap my skiis on because this is going to provide you with CHANGE, so you hear me, CHANGE!!!" (Aleesha, lol) Oh yes, I heard the warning but I WELCOMED the drastic changes, knowing they were coming after my third time through this Pathway. I consciously spoke to my Guides about this being the third and final time and that I WANTED to cement change and prosperity into my Life. BRING IT ON!!!

So what changed after the 3rd spellwork Pathway over 3 years? EVERYTHING. Anything that did not serve me any longer was now glaringly evident. My drinking? Stopped. My unhealthy, lonely relationship with my husband that had been waning for years and years and taken me to counselling multiple times? Ended peacefully. My career? Promoted TWICE. I moved 4 provinces away where I now own 2 homes and am in a new, happy and supportive relationship.

EVERYTHING changed; for the best.

Regardless of whether you want small, personal changes or huge, lifestyle changes like I did, I fully recommend working with the Pathway Spellwork programs. Use them to learn how to meditate. Learn how to get in touch with your Guides. Find your Self or… find your true path.

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