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Volume 6 Issue 4 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Lady Hestia Evans
ISBN#: 9780763634032

O Muses who sing of a world long gone, of Mighty Heroes, Olympian Gods, Of Terrible Monsters and Fabulous Beasts, Help Me to Tell of these Wonderful things, For I have come to the land of Greece, to speak of her Myths and her Mystery.
- Lady Hestia Evans

Mythology is the most recent book in the 'Ology series, which includes Dragonology, Wizardology, Egyptology and Pirateology. Mythology is an amazing book that surprised me by having much more story than the other books in the series.

The story is about a man named John Oro who reads part of the story of King Midas, where King Midas asks the Gods to make everything he touches turn to gold, and then, at the end, he turns his daughter to gold and he dies because he can't eat. But John Oro doesn't read the end, so he asks Zeus, king of the gods, if he can have the same power.

Read the book to find out what happens to John Oro!

This book also has many interesting features, such as a wonderful pop-up of Pandora's Box, a specimen of the Golden Fleece, an illustrated book of serpents, and three Oak Leaves of the Oracle.

Mythology also includes accurate information about ancient Greek mythology, descriptions of the Greek gods, what the Greeks believed happened to you after you died, and it even comes with a real feather pen!

The artwork is beautiful, and there are many different styles, from watercolour paintings, to black and white scratch board pictures and drawings of statues. If you like Greek mythology, or follow the 'Ology series, you'll love this book, I sure did!

Reviewed by
Willow Dennison-Hardy, age 11

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