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Awakened Mind
One-Minute Wake Up Calls to a Bold and Mindful Life

David Kundtz

Sitting in the sun relaxing, I found myself reaching for David's book and finding so much insight into my Self. I've gotten into the habit of opening this book every day - randomly - so a new 'wake-up' call is gifted to my consciousness.

This book isn't about sleeping through life, it's about waking up to it! As David shares in his preface there is a difference between simple innocence and terrible innocence. The latter is when you know that what you are doing or what is happening is wrong but choose to turn a blind eye regardless.

These little wake up calls assist us to participate more fully in our day. I bet there isn't a person around who could honestly not find a handful of David's insights applicable to their own life.

This book is about sharing very short messages with the reader. Each one is two pages long, a very quick read but don't let that fool you. The depth of these messages can be very cutting—right to the soul.

My personal favourite? I honestly don't have one as every time I open this book, I find exactly what I need to hear. That is my favourite thing about 'Awakened Mind' - exactly what I need to hear/learn/experience within that perfect moment.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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