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by Donna Doherty

Learning about the chakras will be a gift, which provides you with insight into understanding the importance of the interactions going on between your consciousness and the health of your physical body. As you learn to listen to your physical body you will see the wisdom of making the necessary changes and adjustments to keep it strong and happy. Your new choices of thoughts and actions will create a more balanced mind, body and soul.

"Chakra" is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel or vortex; and we are currently working with eight of these energy centers within our physical body. Chakras are denser than the Auras which surround our bodies, but less dense than our physical vessel. Throughout our body each chakra governs a specific portion of our physical being and the related organs of that area, serving us by opening and closing depending upon not only how we act, but by our perceptions of various actions and conditions surrounding us in our daily lives. Each Chakra is depicted by its own visual and auditory characteristics, known as its "Yantra". When we meditate on the form and hum or chant the sound of a specific chakra we are calling in its frequency of healing ~ encouraging the Chakra to "open" and start spinning. Each chakra is also related to every other chakra throughout our entire system.

As we pay more attention to how our bodies are reacting in any given situation, we will begin to notice the 'feeling' response in our body. It doesn't matter whether it is a pleasurable experience or a stress-related tension; it will have an effect on the Chakra related to the specific part of your body you are feeling from. With this awareness, we can now take an active part in implementing the changes necessary to help us feel happier and more centered. If, on the other hand, we decide to continue to ignore the messages our body is sending, it will continue to try and get our attention by developing sickness or disease; until we are finally forced to stop and take notice of what is going on around us and look at what it is we are being asked to change.

The symptoms serve to let us know how we are not taking care of ourselves. As we make the necessary changes and there is no longer a need for the symptom, it is released. Health returns.

Starting at the Root Chakra: or "Foundation", shows us standing firm on the earth realm, anchoring in our physical survival by being able to provide ourselves with food and shelter, enabling us to then lift ourselves upward to the next level of living.

At the Sacral Chakra: or "Dwelling place of the Self", we work with pro-creation, family and creativity. As we are now able to provide for our physical well being, we are called to use our sexual energy to re-create ourselves, leading us to become more inspired to create on many levels of our being. However, if we are not open and in the flow, this energy just circulates back in a downward motion to the Root area with no action being taken to empower ourselves further.

At the Power Chakra: or "City of Gems", we take our visions and use our ego to create form. We are "fired-up" to manifest. For this fire to be most positively productive we lift it to our hearts and embellish it with Love. Again if there is not this upward movement we could then become proud, vain, consumed with greed and worldly deeds. Some maintain their power through anger and control, but by lifting upward we come to a place of balance in our Hearts.

At the Heart Chakra: or "Un-stricken" area, we attain balance between the chakras above the heart and the chakras below the heart. This Yantra is composed of two overlapping, intersecting triangles. One triangle, facing upward, symbolizes Shiva, the male principle. The other triangle, facing downward, symbolizes Shakti, the female principle. A balance is attained when these two forces are joined in harmony.

At the Thymus Chakra: or "High Heart of Compassion for Self" center, we receive love from the Heart for ourselves and raise this loving energy up to our throat chakra giving way to speaking and expressing our truths. This comes from nurturing and loving ourselves unconditionally.

At the Throat Chakra: known as "Pure", we are encouraged to speak of our truths from love, not anger or victimization. This area is associated with knowledge of the human plane. Spoken words come from this chakra, giving voice to the emotions within the heart. The voice of a person in tune with this energy penetrates to the heart of the listener. This pure sound affects the listener by changing the space of his mind and being.

At the Third Eye Chakra: or "Authority and Unlimited Power", the energy of this area allows all who come into its presence to become calm and sensitive to the refined sound frequencies of AUM. It is from this place we can go beyond all ego-based desires which motivate life impelling one to move in many directions. By becoming one-pointed, we are the knower of the past, the present, and the future. We obtain the realization: "I am; that I am; God/Goddess that I am; I am that."

At the Crown Chakra: or "Dwelling Place Without Support", we acknowledge the guru within. This plane of radiation is light in its finest essence. The plane of positive intellect, all value judgments or dualistic perceptions must be balanced. This is the place of happiness obtained through balance.

I have been inspired to share my knowledge of this with you. I will continue to share more insight into the Chakras in the next issue of Timeless Spirit. May you walk in light.


Donna Doherty

Donna Doherty's passion is creating; beauty and peace are her rewards. As a Stained Glass Artist of 26 years, a Reiki M/T, and an Aromatherapist, she is able to fulfill her joy of learning, by studying new modalities of healing. Her love of nature is a constant inspiration which is expressed through all she does. Hiking,biking & skiing are some of the activities which energize and thrill her. You may contact her by email.

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