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Magik'ly Speaking…
with Elizabeth Abernathy A.K.A. Boo

There are many techno-pagans among us. The mind-set and ability to understand the inner workings of our hard-and-software mini-Gods astounds me. I am envious at times of these people and their inherent understanding, but I secretly pine for a lifestyle more like that of Tolkein's characters. In a world spinning towards automated anonymity, the tools of the magickal trade, such as Gandalf's staff, anchor and ground us to the physically manifested energy that is Earth. As a rule, our tools come from the Earth herself, and as a focus for our Intent they are extremely useful (if not absolutely necessary) to our Magickal selves. Any Pagans worth their salt should understand this: all the power we will ever need is within us! A good focus, however, can add a great amount of energy to our spell work.

I'm too practical to believe we have to follow the rules of 'What Tool is for Which?' For many years I have used the wand I made out of two intertwined roots. I have cast the Circle with it, charged incense, inscribed symbols with the pointy end, and even stirred healing oils. It's the perfect size for most anything I want to do. It's also imbued with several years worth of focused intent, and so is usually my first choice when reaching for a tool.

Think of your magickal paraphernalia as organic magnifying glasses for your own directed energy. Most of us have had the experience of finding an object which resonated with us; a piece we could really feel 'the history' of. Now, take that idea, and think of it in terms of a ritually charged tool, made with materials created by Divine Energy. Thus, a wand you design yourself, cut from a branch with proper thankfulness, sanded, carved, oiled, inset, painted, etc., is likely to be significantly more useful to you than one chosen because it 'looked cool'. For those of us who are unable to fashion our tools directly from nature, there is no reason you can't start with one you just happen to fall in love with while perusing your favorite pagan website. Even those of us in the most urban settings have the availability of natural materials through bead shops, craft stores, etc. Make your new acquisition truly personal.

Tools made in a ritual manner by knowledgeable people aren't as likely to carry negative residual energies as are mass-produced ones, but it's always a good idea to cleanse anything you buy. Depending on the instrument, its composition, and its intended use, you can ritually cleanse an object in one of several ways. A wand used for directing energy during healing work can be smudged with sage or frankincense smoke. A staff used for casting the sacred circle can be left in a moonlit spot for the three nights of the full moon. A new set of rune stones can be soaked in a bowl of salt water, and left in a sunny spot until the water evaporates; then simply dust the salt off and anoint with your favorite Oil of Divination.

As for the techno-pagans among us, it has long been proven the human mind can alter electronic frequencies. Pagans can use their computers to network with others, and take part in the discussion groups which aid in dispelling much of the negative press about the Old Ways. Imagine what we can accomplish as a group when we live our lives and use all the tools at our disposal with true focused intent!

Remember, the act of creating Magick should be a deeply spiritual experience. No one expects the Catholic, while saying the Rosary, is doing so frivolously. Neither should Magick be taken superficially. Laughter is one thing, but carelessness is another. Magick is the way we pagans communicate with our Gods and Goddesses; for what is spell work if not simply ritualized prayer, or even wishes, if you are of the mind that all Divinity resides within us? Be mindful of the intent with which you create your ritual tools, and they will aid you much more in your spell work.

Please Note: While our website is currently undergoing its magickal reconstruction, please feel free to e-mail any item requests to:BrigidsCauldron@msn.com.

Boo currently lives in Oregon with her 2 husbands, 7 kids, and many critters. She's been a Hedgewitch for 28 years, and works with clients internationally doing healing and spell work for barter. She is also the Softlines and Fabric Specialist for a local fabric store, and buyer for Brigid's Cauldron.

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