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The Woman Behind "Timeless Spirit"
by MeeWah Reynolds

Aleesha Stephenson had asked me to consider writing for her new magazine, "Timeless Spirit" with its first issue's theme: "Opening". After reflection, it occurred to me Aleesha herself would make both an interesting as well as an appropriate subject for a 'first issue' article.

My acquaintance with Aleesha actually began a few years ago on an online discussion board. As moderators of different groups on this board, we were often in a unique position from its audience. We were able to see some of the behind the scenes work which is involved in running an online community - far more than is apparent! Through this association, we grew to know each other and to develop a friendship. Eventually, Aleesha moved on to join "Body Mind Spirit" Magazine; first as a writer, then as a columnist, and finally as its Production Editor. I am one of the writers Aleesha brought on board and she later offered me a column. I was privileged to see first hand how she worked, always with the same commitment and eye for detail and quality, which had characterized all her previous endeavors.

As BMS' Production Editor, Aleesha brought to the publication her unique blend of enthusiasm, knowledge, life experiences and an unerring sense for material, which would not only attract an audience, but also maintain its attention issue after issue. Her myriad of contacts with writers both experienced and neophyte resulted in not only promoting a quality alternative spiritual publication but also in increasing its circulation ten-fold - a feat worthy of any paper-and-ink publication, let alone an online magazine! In fact, many of its online audience lamented that BMS was not available in the latter form.

One of the secrets of Aleesha's success as an editor is that she makes herself available to all of her writers, not only as an editor but also as a mentor. Aleesha willingly 'goes the extra mile' in working with her writers, inspiring them and encouraging their creativity; offering suggestions, but never imposing. Her goal was always to ensure a publication which appealed to a diverse audience, yet that goal did not compromise on its ideals of quality and the sharing of a broad spectrum of material, which not only promoted the holistic life, but also informed in an interesting and thoughtful manner.

Thus, though the news that Aleesha would be stepping down as Production Editor of "Body Mind Spirit" was greeted with dismay by me, it was thrilling to hear she would be publishing her own magazine, "Timeless Spirit". (I foresaw this event some time ago and for Aleesha, it represents one cycle which has now come full circle). Her thoughtful responses during this interview are expressive of the woman behind "Timeless Spirit".

Question: Would you tell us how you chose your current life path? Were there defining moments, turning points, particular individuals and/or did it evolve over time and life experiences?

Aleesha: Well, in fact I never chose this life path, at least not consciously. I failed English in school, hated writing except in journals and wasn't fond of reading much either. My spiritual path began while I was healing my childhood. Reiki assisted me greatly with my process and as many people know, Reiki awakens your intuition. Well years went by, I grew spiritually, assisted others on their path and then my phone rang one day. Body Mind Spirit Magazine wanted to know if I would write an article for them. As with everything in life, I jumped right in without a second thought! One article turned into a column and then Jeni asked me to be the Guest Editor and I was hooked. I absolutely loved putting the magazine together. It awakened a part of myself I never knew was sleeping. So in answer to your question MeeWah, 'all of the above'.

Question: What was some of the best advice given to you, and what impact has it had?

Aleesha: Well, this may not sound like it was advice; but in my experience, actions speak louder than words. My Soul-Mom Magi taught me the value of clarity. I learnt by watching her example and discovered how much I appreciated knowing where I stood with her all the time. If she said "yes" she meant it. I never had to read between the lines with her, I always knew where I stood. I chose to mirror her behavior and I believe it's definitely the best decision I've ever made. From clarity came honesty, integrity and a great deal of happiness. It's amazing how making one decision or choice can so completely change your life forever. ad

Question: What advice would you give to anyone considering an alternative spirituality?

Aleesha: Don't be a sheep. Follow your heart and your own gut feelings. If you like something about someone or a particular spiritual path, check it out and take what you like and leave the rest. Don't accept everything you are told. Try it out; if it fits, keep it. If it doesn't, toss it away. Allow yourself to grow at your own pace. If there was only 'one way' to spiritual enlightenment we would all be doing it the same way! There are many paths to Tao, take the time to find yours.

Question: How do you see yourself in your roles as a woman, a mother/parent, wife, healer, teacher, and publisher?

Aleesha: I see myself as a role model, just as I believe every single person on this planet is. We all teach others by our actions, choices and words. I find great joy in teaching; whether it's my own children or a new student… watching other people find their 'light' is a beautiful gift. As a publisher I hope to inspire others to find their voice through writing, just as Jeni (Publisher of BMS) did when she blessed me with this gift over two years ago. As a healer, I love creating healing circles and also empowering others to become healers themselves. I believe, as a teacher it's very important for me to inspire others and what better way to inspire someone else than through my own actions!

Question: How would you describe your vision of "Timeless Spirit" and is there a specific audience you would like to target?

Aleesha: My vision for Timeless Spirit is one of enlightenment and spirituality. I hope people come to read this magazine and find a piece of their path, growth and development within the articles and columns. I hope to reach individuals who have a desire to shine and enjoy other people as they shine as well. All of our writers are people, they have lives and their light assists us in seeing… whether we see our shadows, path or opportunities… they are willing to assist us all to grow. What an act of kindness that is indeed!

Thank you so much Aleesha for your honesty and openness.

I feel like I have been able to get to know Aleesha better through this interviewing process and I sincerely hope you, the reader, have equally enjoyed this opportunity to get better aquainted with your 'host' here at Timeless Spirit!

MeeWah lives in Virginia Beach, Virigina. Her studies of the metaphysical led her to join the Search for God Group work (according to the Edgar Cayce readings) in the New York City area and in Virginia Beach, and to enable new groups. Since then, she has continued her studies of the metaphysical begun as a child. Her work as an intuitive counselor spans decades. She is also a moderator on Aeclectic Tarot, an Australian board. You may contact her by email.

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