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A Blessing for TSM
lovingly guided by Nahi Guzman

I asked Nahi Guzman to create a blessing for this magazine. She is a gifted shaman and I thank her for this gift.

I invited 12 friends to join me - lighting candles, giving offerings of fruit and vegetables to the Goddess and the God. We burned sage and tobacco as we invoked the blessing out loud every morning. I am blessed to have these wonderful people in my life and I would like to thank every one of them for participating.


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My name is Nahi 'ena 'ena, which means "Stirring The Fires". I am a Kupuna of Blessings and Prayer. I have been blessed to be both Hawaiian and Native American Indian. Using both medicines as I journey to teach in Europe and in Japan. The Native American people call me "Fire Woman".

I started healing with my grandmother at my side at the age of 3 years old. At the age of 53 my work takes me on roads less traveled upon. I do shaman workshops and private healing sessions; using prayers, herbs of the land, stones and crystals to heal with. Grandmother moon to enlighten me and grandfather sun to heal me. The four winds are my teachers. The ancestors are my protectors and guides. Yes, I am truly blessed!

Nahi Guzman specializes in Hawaiian Medicine of Blessings, Prayers, Clearings, Ho'oponopono, Hawaiian Weddings, Spiritual Counseling, Akashi Record Keeper, Reiki Master, Body work using Lomi Lomi techniques, Native American Indian Medicine Wheel, Sweat Lodge, Pipe carrier for the Apache Nation, given to me by the great-great-grandson of Geronimo. His name is Nantan Lupan Greywolf, who resides in California. These are some of the medicines I carry.

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